Advanced Project Finance In-House Course Case Study

29 March 2023
On the 27th & 29th of March 2023, Redcliffe Training presented a two-day course on Advanced Project Finance to a key investment financer for the Bavarian and German economy.

The Client and the Requirement:

A key investment financer for the Bavarian and German economy asked Redcliffe Training to present our Advanced Project Finance course exclusively for them.

This is what the participants expected of their in-house Advanced Project Finance training course:

"Understanding of Project Finance and the associated contracts and securities, the rationale to use Project Finance vs. Corporate Debt."

"Understand the specifics of different types of project finance."

"Getting a fast-track overall overview of PF - Getting provided relevant material for usage in future cases - Getting theory backed by practical examples."

This is what the participants said about their in-house Advanced Project Finance course:

"The technical knowledge of the instructor was great"

"A huge amount of documentation was provided within the course of the seminar. I will most certainly use this material to back practical cases with theory."

"I am an experienced corporate risk analyst and have only recently started in project finance risk analysis. The workshop was the perfect introduction for me."

"Highlights include: The examples on which the risks/mistakes were explained. The trainer's many years of experience."

The Course Covered:

To view the technical content of our Advanced Project Finance course and to view upcoming public course dates, click here.

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