Advanced Sanctions Risks In-House Course Case Study 21-22 February 2023

22 February 2023
On the 21st and 22nd of February 2023, Redcliffe Training presented one full-day course in two half-day live webinars on Advanced Sanctions Risks to a leading financial services company.

The Client and the Requirement:

A leading financial services company asked Redcliffe Training to present our Advanced Sanctions Risks course exclusively for them.

This is what the participants said they expected of their in-house Advanced Sanctions Risks training course:

  • “Create a better understanding of sanctions and the risks attached."
  • "Learn more about sanctions risks and how to deal with them."
  • "Very minimal but were far exceeded!"
  • "To gain the skill on how to perform analysis of sanctions risk exposures."
  • "I do not work daily with Sanctions. So my expectations were to learn more about it!"
  • "To get a deeper and more detailed understanding of sanctions, and also have the opportunity to pose questions to an external expert."

This is what the participants said about their in-house Advanced Sanctions Risks course:

  • “Appreciated the interactive part with discussions."
  • "Good trainer that asked questions and gave relevant examples."
  • "Fantastic tutor and great course - couldn't be happier!"
  • "The tutor was fantastic and I really liked the case studies."
  • "Everything was perfect. The content of the training is broad and covers several topics related to sanctions risk assessment."
  • "Although I could not contribute much in the exercises, it was useful to listen to those who work daily with Sanctions. Hear their reasoning and then when we all gathered for a briefing, more fell into place and you get a better picture. Even if it is within a large area."
  • "It will be useful in my daily work when we support the business in relation to sanction topics, primarily related to payments, KYC, and trade finance transactions."
  • "The course has provided me a deeper knowledge about sanctions and specific behaviors to be aware of when onboarding new customers. I think highlight of the course was when the different types of risky behaviors presented throughout the course was related to real-life scenarios."

The Course Covered:

To view the technical content of our Advanced Sanctions Risks course and to view upcoming public course dates, click here.

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