Advanced Sanctions Risks In-House Course Case Study 25 April 2023

25 April 2023
On the 24th & 25th of April 2023, Redcliffe Training presented a one-day course on Advanced Sanctions Risks to a leading Nordic financial services group.

The Client and the Requirement:

A leading Nordic financial services group asked Redcliffe Training to present our Advanced Sanctions Risks course exclusively for them.

This is what the participants expected of their in-house Advanced Sanctions Risks:

"To get deeper knowledge of sanctions area."

"To understand more about sanctions."

This is what the participants said about their in-house Advanced Sanctions Risks course:

"Great course which gave details as well as the big picture important to sanctions risks. Will be useful for our handling and assessment of those risks."

"Many hands on examples and anecdotes besides the fact that helps to create a good mindset for assessments and open the mind for true knowledge and reflections and not just going by the book. Very good."

The Course Covered:

To view the technical content of our Advanced Sanctions Risks course and to view upcoming public course dates, click here.

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