Advanced Sanctions - Securities & Investments In-House Course Case Study

09 March 2023
On the 6th & 9th of March 2023, Redcliffe Training presented a one-day course on Advanced Sanctions - Securities & Investments to a leading Nordic financial services group.

The Client and the Requirement:

A leading Nordic financial services group asked Redcliffe Training to present our Advanced Sanctions - Securities & Investments course exclusively for them.

This is what the participants expected of their in-house Vulnerable Customers training course:

"Deeper sanction knowledge in securities an investments."

"Was expecting to get a deeper dive into the sanctions, which I got!"

"To get better knowlegde regarding sanctions on securites."

"Getting spcialised information on and knowledge about what/who and how to screen when investing in both funds, securities (including derivatives) and alternative assets."

"Current detail on the grittier aspects of transactions."

This is what the participants said about their in-house Vulnerable Customers course:

"Highlights include: Good instructor, examples, wider risk understanding"

"Splendid tutor/instructor! He was witty but very knowledgeable."

"I now understand the difference sanction packages between US, UK and EU"

"The BO-assessment/calculation and discussions regarding derivatives and “wrappers” such as life insurance products were highlights"

"After listening to the course, I will be more confident in my daily work when researching customers."

The Course Covered:

To view the technical content of our Advanced Sanctions - Securities & Investments course and to view upcoming public course dates, click here.

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