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Green Bonds

Learn a thorough and practical introduction to the essentials of green bonds

Green Bonds Training Course

A one-day course

This green bonds training course is a 'must-know' for:
  • Asset Managers
  • Anyone who is interested in Green Finance
  • Anyone interested in how climate change is affecting Finance
  • Anyone involved in Corporate Finance, particularly from corporate looking to fund projects which are “Green”
  • Junior Fixed Income Traders
  • Anyone interested in how Climate Change is going to completely change the way Finance operates

  • The concepts of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) explained and why they are so important
  • Why do Governments and Companies want to issue Green Bonds?
  • How can you tell that a “Green Bond” is really a “Green Bond”?
  • Is there any significant difference in pricing Green environmental Bonds?
  • Appreciate the long-term value of investing in Green Bonds and Green Finance
  • Should we expect improved returns over and above conventional bond issues?
  • Will Green Bonds always stay “Green”?

  • Understand the climate change environment driving the move to green bonds investment
  • Learn how to price a bond and the bond market jargon
  • Identify what makes Green Bonds different. Learn what makes them different to conventional sustainable
  • Learn about ICMAs Green Bond Principles (GBP) and the definition of what makes a Green Bond
  • Understand how we can tell if a bond is truly “Green”
  • Appreciate the rules around who can issue Green Bond certifications
  • Learn about the greater transparency of this new market with the creation of Indexes
  • Understand the Taxonomy of Climate and Green Bonds explained

ESG/SRI and Impact Investing

  • What is ESG investing?
  • What is Socially Responsible Investing?
  • A new way of thinking for investors
  • Green and Social Bonds
  • Sustainable Bonds
  • Blue Bonds
  • Sustainability Standards and Labels
  • What are the investors objectives?
  • Difference between Green and Climate Bonds
  • Transition bonds explained
  • COP21 Paris Agreement
    • Identifying assets and projects that deliver a low carbon economy

Introduction to Bonds

  • Bonds Pricing Basics
  • Yield v Price
  • Coupon
  • Major bond sectors
    • Bond market structure
    • Supranational and Sovereigns
    • Financials and Corporates
    • Eurobonds / Foreign and Domestic Bonds
  • Yield curves
  • Credit Spreads
    • Examples of Government and Corporate Curves

ICMAs Green Bonds Principles

  • Voluntary Guidelines for Issuing Green Bonds
    • Use of Proceeds
    • Process for Project Evaluation and Selection
    • Management of Proceeds
    • Reporting
  • External Review for Issuing Green Bonds
    • Second Part Opinion
    • Verification
    • Green Bond Certification
    • Green Bond Scoring/Rating
  • Transition Bonds
    • Use of proceeds approach
    • EBRD Green Transition Bond
  • Greater Transparency
    • Indexes
    • Bloomberg Barclays MSCI Green Bond Index
    • S & P Green Bond Select Index
    • BAML Green Bond Index
  • Delegate Product Knowledge: It has been assumed that delegates will have some knowledge of the financial markets.

The green bonds course trainer worked in Investment Banks including HSBC and Bank of Montreal for nearly 20 years. During this time, he worked in Operations and then as a trader, running books in FX, bonds and derivatives.

He has run courses all over the world including Amsterdam, Dublin, London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta, Johannesburg, Delhi, Accra, Johannesburg etc.

He delivers courses that focus on providing a practical and in-depth understanding of the markets from a Trading, Operations and Risk viewpoint. His courses are interactive and stimulating, offering delegates the opportunity to participate in an environment that encourages free discussion of the real issues faced in the workplace.

In addition to his training activities, he has undertaken various consultancy projects, such as an in-depth collateral risk assessment at a major European Investment bank.

The trainer held the position of Non-Executive Director of Cazenove’s Derivative Oversight Committee for many years. Acting as a member of the committee in a general consultative capacity to assess the firm’s derivative capabilities and risks.

He has also presented at JPMorgan Forums in London, speaking on topics such as the Benefits and Risks of Derivatives. He along with representatives from the FSA, law firms, hedge funds, etc. were asked to give their views on the risks of derivatives to 150 / 200 Directors and senior managers from the top investment firms in the UK.

  • Course had a good overview and understanding. good to mention and compare other instruments: blue bonds and sustainability linked bonds, etc
  • The use of examples of previous bond issuances was good

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