Executive Coaching

Redcliffe can also offer executive coaching.
Are you a senior manager just appointed to the Board, or about to become a Partner? Are you looking to manage yourself and your team more effectively? Are you wondering how the Senior Managers Regime may impact on you as a leader? Or perhaps you are a high potential individual seeking to fast track your career?
Executive Coaching for the Finance Industry
Whatever the challenge you’re facing, executive coaching can help you to succeed by building your self-awareness, unlocking your potential and helping you to transform your performance.
Redcliffe can supply executive coaches, who are there to facilitate your skill set rather than advise on what you should do. They ask insightful, challenging questions to help you assess and clarify what you want to achieve. They will assist you in building and implementing realistic development plans to take you from where you are now to where you want to be, and to pinpoint where you may need to modify your attitudes and behaviours.
Our executive coaches have a good understanding of the environment in which you are operating and the common problems you face. Allied to professional training in coaching and psychology, they have first-hand experience of the financial and professional services sectors, including the regulatory framework. They will work with you to help you grow as a leader in a way which supports the development of your business and aligns with the regulatory context.
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