Redcliffe Training delivers a wide range of highly technical flotation training courses to help corporate finance and legal advisories understand the ever-changing landscape of this highly regulated and controlled area.

Flotations Training Courses Options

Our flotations courses cover many relevant topics, including the following:

    • Company valuation
    • FCA listing
    • How to list on AIM
    • IPO training
    • Secondary equity offerings
    • Structures for UK equity offerings
    • Tax advantages of the AIM

Flotation training courses structured to your specification

At Redcliffe Training, our flotations courses are led by expert trainers who have specialist experience in the field. We offer both public courses, held at our venues in central London, and in-house courses, which are delivered at a venue of your choice.

Additionally, we are able to tailor a course outline so that it specifically addresses the individual training requirements of you and your staff; our expert trainers will cover only the topics that are pertinent to your niche area of industry.

Find out more about Flotation courses 

To get in touch with Redcliffe Training, and to find out more about how our courses can help you fulfil your flotation training requirements, call us on +44 (0)20 7387 4484 or email us as at enquiries@redcliffetraining.co.uk.

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