The increasing mainstream emergence of Islamic banking in financial institutions across the globe requires bankers and lawyers to have a subset of appropriate knowledge and skills. At Redcliffe Training we can provide the Islamic finance courses best suited to your needs.

From Shariah compliant investment strategies to Islamic retail banking practices, our courses are led by former industry professionals who are highly experienced in Islamic banking and financial planning.

Islamic finance courses covering a range of banking specialisms

Our courses in Islamic banking cover pertinent fields including:

  • Amanah
  • ljara
  • Istisn’a
  • Mudaraba
  • Murabaha
  • Musharaka
  • Rahn
  • Riba
  • Salam
  • Shariah
  • Sukuk
  • Wadia
  • Wakala
  • Waqf
  • Zakat

Islamic banking and corporate training skills

If your requirements are niche, we can arrange a bespoke course outline by tailoring a syllabus especially for you.

To enrol on one of our Islamic finance training courses, or to talk about your course requirements, contact Redcliffe Training today by calling +44 (0)20 7387 4484 or emailing us at enquiries@redcliffetraining.co.uk.

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