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Due diligence covers the investigation, audit and reporting on any potential investment across corporate finance, whether it be for a merger and acquisition, corporate transaction or bond investment.

Typically, this will include a review of financial records, the confirmation of agreement of facts, taxation audits and long term business plan insight. Sellers can also carry out due diligence on buyers to ensure a timely, and expected, return on a transaction and remove the any doubt when carrying out transactions.

Annual Reports, SEC & Other Materials for Due Diligence

Annual reports presented to investors will form the basis of due diligence and the use of stock market filings, varication of facts and any anomalies will be confirmed and if need be investigated further.

At Redcliffe Training we have a range of courses relating to due diligence that will aid in the understanding and adaptation of techniques and compliance within due diligence, these include:

  • Mapping revenue and profit margins
  • Analysing company capital
  • Analysis of competitors and industry markets
  • Valuation
  • Management and shares
  • Current balance sheet management
  • Historic stock market performance
  • Stock options
  • Investment expectations
  • Short term and long term investment risks

Current Due Diligence Course Offering

Please refer to our list of current due diligence courses for further information:

The M&A Course

Cybercrime and the Financial Services

Negotiating Heads of Terms (LOI/MOU) & Related Issues

The Private Equity and MBO Course

Advanced Private Equity and Leveraged Buy Outs

Advanced Negotiation Issues in M&A

Selling a Company


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