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A letter of credit forms part of an agreement whereby an investment is agreed and a payment or completion date is assured. Should the payment not be made this will have to be covered by that institution responsible for the assurance of payment.

Letter of Credit Funding

A pledge to fund a letter of credit will need to be made using assets or cash as a collateral for a default on the credit. Typically a set fee will be issued alongside the letter in order to see profit following the transaction. This fee will be a percentage of the credit and is sometimes based on the level of risk involved with the credit given.

Letters of Credit Types

Broadly there are three types of letters of credit, a commercial letter of credit, revolving letter of credit and confirmed letter of credit.

Each works in a different manner and it the need to investigate further into LoC within complex financial transactions, debt management, or payment in kind should always be considered.

Courses covering Letters of Credit

Within Redcliffe Training we provide a number of courses covering Letters of Credit:

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