Private Equity Funds

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Private Equity Funds Course Objectives:

Participants will:

  • Learn about the global trends in the private equity industry
  • Get to grips with the key players within private equity funds and their roles
  • Explore the limited partnership model – the typical GP/LP model and the relationship
  • Gain an appreciation of the different fund strategies and what LPs look for in a GP
  • Learn about the fund raising process for private equity funds
  • Become familiar with the major fund terms and conditions
  • Get an insight into the marketing of private equity firms and funds
  • Be taught about the pros and cons of investing in private equity as an asset class

Private Equity Funds Course Content:

Global trends in the private equity industry:

  • Origins of private equity
  • Types of private equity
  • Investment risk and return
  • Growth and evolution of the industry, including fund raising and investments data

Key players and their roles:

  • General partners and limited partners
  • Placement agents, fund of funds and gatekeepers

The limited partnership model:

  • The typical GP / LP model and relationship
  • Methods of investing in private equity funds
  • Deal by deal and pledge funds, evergreen funds, listed vehicles, co-investment and direct investment
  • Fund of funds

Fund strategies:

  • Stage, sector, geographic focus
  • Fund and investment size
  • Group exercise on fund strategy
  • What LPs look for in a GP

Fund raising process:

  • Fund raising timeline
  • Private placement memoranda
  • Track record
  • Deal flow
  • Group exercise on on real-life venture fund PPM, including track record
  • Marketing private equity funds, including firm competitor analysis and marketing activity matrix
  • Case Study on firm and fund strategy
  • Brexit implications, including passporting

Fund terms and conditions:

  • Limited partnership agreement; deeds of adherence
  • Carried interest, distribution waterfall, hurdle rates
  • Management fees
  • Keyman clauses
  • Investment restrictions
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Advisory boards
  • Investor relations
  • Fund due diligence
  • Group discussion on fund due diligence
  • Group review of limited partnership agreement

Marketing private equity firms and funds:

  • Firm and competitor analysis, including SWOTs
  • Group discussion on SWOTs using example fund PPM
  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Case study on fund strategy (Alchemy Partners)
  • Marketing activity matrix

Private equity as an asset class:

  • Pros and cons of investing in private equity
  • Current issues in private equity, including fund terms and regulatory issues
  • Regulation of private equity, including FCA, Walker Review, AIFMD
  • Private equity investor asset allocation
  • Measuring private equity returns
  • Risk and diversification in private equity

Background of the Trainer:

The trainer is a university lecturer, executive trainer and advisor in private equity and venture capital. A chartered accountant and chartered marketer he was with PwC for 28 years, latterly leading the venture capital programme for the Technology Industry Group in Europe. He is the author of “Raising Venture Capital Finance in Europe” (Kogan Page) and “A Guide to Private Equity” (BVCA). He is a Visiting Fellow at Henley Business School, University of Reading where he teaches PE&VC and has a PhD in venture capital from the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow.

Private Equity Funds Course Summary:

Private Equity Funds is an intensive one-day interactive executive education course tailored specifically to the private equity sector. The course is designed for those who are new to working in the private equity industry, either with fund managers or with institutional investors, and for accountants, lawyers and other professional advisors who wish to gain an understanding of private equity funds. This introductory course provides a commercial overview into the structure of private equity funds, the fund raising process, marketing private equity funds, fund terms and conditions and private equity as an asset class, including the performance of private equity funds.

Key Learning Outcomes

Attendees of this one-day course should gain an understanding of the typical structure of a private equity fund, how funds are raised, the essential ingredients of a private placement memorandum, how funds are marketed, how private equity returns are measured and how private equity funds compare to other asset classes. This practical and commercial focused fundamentals course is taught through a combination of talks, group discussion and case study exercises.

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