Initial Coin Offerings – An Introduction

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Initial Coin Offerings Course Content:

Background and Introductions


  • Bitcoin, Blockchain and ICOs

The Emergence of Digital Currencies and Blockchain

History of Blockchain and Digital Currencies

  • The first digital currency
    • Bitcoin and why study it?
    • The emergence of blockchain from Bitcoin
    • Digital currencies – Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash, Monero etc

How Blockchains and Digital Currencies work?

  • Cryptographic primitives
    • The hash function
    • Public and private keys
  • Transactions and Consensus Protocols
    • Blockchain, transactions and consensus; proof of work, proof of stake

Market Overview

  • Currency Segmentation
    • An overview of digital currencies
    • Market trends
  • Cryptocurrency Trading
    • Introduction to digital currency trading
    • Digital Currency exchanges

The Initial Coin Offering

  • Overview
    • Origin and history of Initial Coin Offerings
    • What good looks like – Examples
    • Market Review
  • Coin Concept
    • Why are ICO’s different?
    • The Offering: Capital Raising vs. Utility
    • Security vs. Coin
    • Token Definition, Utility, Rights and Design
    • Blockchain Protocol
    • Market Review
  • The Whitepaper
    • Authorship
    • Sections
    • Review
    • Design and Branding
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Planning
    • Marketing Strategy and Branding
    • The Project Team
    • Budget
    • Management
    • Governance
    • What happens Post Sale?
    • Cyber Security
    • KYC, AML, Privacy, Confidentiality and Policies
    • Contingency Planning – What can go wrong?
  • Stakeholder Mapping and Advisory Team
    • Incentive Structures
    • Disclosure
    • Governance
  • Token Economics, Pricing and Use of Proceeds
    • Number of Coins and Rationale
    • Pricing Models
    • Budgets and Use of Proceeds
  • Communications Strategies and Channels
    • Community Management
    • Policies
  • Financial Governance, Accounting and Digital Asset Custody
  • Pre-Sale and ICO Execution

Example ICOs

The Future: Where next for ICOs?

  • Vision and Opportunities
  • Barriers

Recap and Close

Background of the Trainer:

Your course director has spent more than 40 years in the banking and financial sector, much of it in a senior managerial/Director role. He is a former Institute of Banking Lecturer, having gained distinctions in the exams. He is a subject matter aspect on all aspects of retail, corporate and global banking, including risk management and regulatory compliance. He has lectured extensively to both leading global financial institutions and to smaller bespoke specialists. He has delivered extensive programmes in all parts of the world including the USA, Europe, MENA, Africa and Hong Kong. He is currently an accredited Master Trainer for Risk and FCC training at the world’s biggest global bank.

Initial Coin Offerings Course Summary:

Developments in FinTech are transforming financial services with blockchain and distributed ledger technology at the forefront. Both The Wall Street Journal and The Economist have described it as technology that could change the world. However, the application of the underlying technology goes well beyond financial services. Blockchain allows the creation of bespoke digital currencies to support commercial transactions which can be linked to smart contracts. It also creates the facility to raise capital, operating in similar fashion to crowd sourcing, debt and equity capital raising events. The nature of the technology also permits the creation of novel relationships between the coins themselves, their utility, and the funds raised. The ICO could herald a new era of ‘Digital’ Corporate Finance.

The underlying blockchains and cryptography supporting the coins provide technical solutions that are novel and clever, and are very different to the way the current capital raising markets operate.  They offer new frameworks to define the relationship between suppliers, customers, stakeholders and potentially the regulators.

Starting from first principles, the course firstly establishes a basic understanding of blockchain and digital currency technology, which is vital for any project contemplating an ICO. Building on this knowledge, the course systematically works through the different components required for a successful ICO from First Concept, Whitepaper, Coin Economics, through to Regulatory, Legal and Marketing aspects.

This Initial Coin Offerings course is a one day introduction to the basic principles of an ICO project, starting with the foundations associated with bitcoin and blockchain. It will provide delegates with a first understanding of the steps required to execute a successful coin offering.

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