Presentation Skills Course for Finance & Other Professionals

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This Presentation Skills course can also be presented face to face in-house or via live in-house webinar.

Presentation Skills Course Objectives:

This Presentation Skills course is suitable for professionals working in both the finance and other industries where presentation skills are essential.

Participants will:

  • Acknowledge that we can all present ; its nerves and self doubt that prevent us
  • Understand the qualities needed to become a competent presenter
  • Improve and continue to develop good communication skills
  • Be able to practice effectively until proficiency is achieved
  • Start with the essentials which are the presenter, the material and the audience
  • Learn the value of planning and lots of preparation and practice
  • Understand about what the presenter needs to say through researching, writing and editing
  • Appreciate the need to understand and know the audience
  • Create presentations that appeal
  • Explore the basic and more advanced delivery methods
  • Identify any areas of personal development
  • Learn how to physically and mentally prepare
  • Perfect skills through practice and preparation
  • Learn to encourage discussion
  • Learn how to manage and deal with questions professionally

Presentation Skills Course Content:

The Essentials – The Presenter – You

  • Carrying out the ‘essential checks’
  • Presenting the ‘right’ image
  • Using your words, tone and body language
  • Working with the qualities of your voice
  • Acknowledging and overcoming nerves
  • Using relaxation techniques
  • Using mannerisms and gestures to enhance impact
  • The qualities of a successful presenter

Exercise: A high profile and well known subject will be allocated to each member of the group (can be changed if you don’t like your topic). Each member will prepare a 5 minute flip chart presentation to tell us about the topic. These will continue one or two at a time between each session. The group will be asked to give positive feedback to each presenter

The Essentials – The Material – What Are You Going to Say

  • Performing a needs analysis
  • Writing the basic outline
  • Researching, writing and editing
  • Establishing a clear purpose
  • Using successful information gathering techniques
  • Choosing the best route through your material
  • Identifying the key points
  • Creating strong openings and closings
  • Knowing the pros and cons of different visual aids
  • Making it big, bold and brilliant

Exercise: Presentations as above

The Essentials – The Audience – Who Will You be Saying it To

  • Knowing your audience to develop presentations that appeal
  • Building rapport
  • Getting and keeping them on your side
  • Working with questions
  • Handling difficult people
  • Understanding group dynamics

Exercise: Presentations as above

Next Step – Delivery Methods

  • Basic methods
  • Advanced methods
  • Basic criteria to consider
  • Choose from a range of communication styles depending upon the situation
  • Listening and Hearing: They aren’t the same thing
  • Asking questions
  • Communicating with power

Example: Each delegate will be asked to prepare a presentation based on their own product or service (the delegate to choose) and will be asked to present it to the group. The group will give positive feedback after each presentation. These will be completed either one or two at a time.

Next Step – Communication Skills

  • What do we mean by Communication?
  • Preparing mentally
  • Physical relaxation techniques
  • Appearing confident in front of the crowd
  • Non-Verbal Communication Skills
  • Body language
  • The signals you send to others
  • It’s not WHAT you say, It’s HOW you say it
  • Presenting your case with impact

Exercise: Presentations as above

Perfecting your skills

  • Make them laugh a little
  • Ask them a question encouraging discussion
  • Dealing with questions
  • Creating Fantastic Flip Charts
  • Creating Compelling PowerPoint Presentations
  • WOW your Audience
  • Vibrant Videos and Amazing Audio

Exercise: Presentations as above

Course Conclusion – Summary & Wind Up


Background of the Trainer:

Your course director has spent more than 40 years in the banking and financial sector, much of it in a senior managerial/Director role. He is a former Institute of Banking Lecturer, having gained distinctions in the exams. He is a subject matter aspect on all aspects of retail, corporate and global banking, including risk management and regulatory compliance. He has lectured extensively to both leading global financial institutions and to smaller bespoke specialists. He has delivered extensive programmes in all parts of the world including the USA, Europe, MENA, Africa and Hong Kong. He is currently an accredited Master Trainer at the world’s biggest global bank.

Presentation Skills Course Summary:

Presentation skills are possessed by everyone, no matter how challenging it seems. Everyone can present and present well, the secret is hard work, preparation, practice and more hard work. The so called “masters” make it look easy because they work very hard behind the scenes to plan the process and have practised over and over again.

Ask yourself, am I comfortable addressing a group of colleagues in an informal gathering, members of a family group, many mates in a team, friends in a club, colleagues in a crowded canteen and the answer will be “yes, of course”.

Ask you to stand in front of that very same group and address them formally and the answer suddenly changes. Why? No confidence, lack of preparation and the fear of making a fool of yourself. Everyone feels this way first time.

This course will help you to overcome these unwarranted fears and turn you into the competent presenter that is within all of us – once we realise it.

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2 April 2019, 30 October 2019