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Redcliffe Training Associates Limited is a financial training company running a wide variety of advanced financial training courses for bankers, lawyers, private equity practitioners, corporate finance / M&A advisors and accountants. These topics include Accounting & IFRS, Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Trade & Commodity Finance, ESG, MiFID, Debt & Leveraged Finance, Treasury Products & Derivatives, Project Finance, Private Equity, Soft Skills, Regulation & Compliance, Private and Corporate Tax, Financial Modelling and Valuation. Our training courses are interactive and include excellent learning materials, and most importantly are taught by highly experienced trainers who are past practitioners in the subjects which they are teaching. Our course outlines, which tell you what we are covering during a training programme in extensive detail, are exceptionally comprehensive and include both relevant technical learning and appropriate exercises and case studies.


Fantastic Trainers: Redcliffe has 60 exceptionally highly regarded – by both clients and other trainers - financial and legal trainers. In addition to their unrivalled expertise, they are expert facilitators who can address all the issues in the training topics, both inside the classroom and out.

Flexible Methods of Delivery: We are able to offer training courses on both a public and an in-house basis. We can also offer pre-recorded webinars, as well as arrange for in-house presentations to clients to be recorded.

Excellent Client Service and Consultative Approach: We work in tandem with our clients ensuring that each step of their training needs are comprehensively addressed, from refining requirements and course content or design to planning and logistics, as well as providing assistance on the day of the training.

Global Experience: Over the past 20 years we have trained many thousands of participants from the leading investment banks, accountancy firms, private equity firms and corporate law firms in the UK, EU, Middle East, North & South America, Africa, Asia & Australia. The overall numbers of participants attending our courses has grown significantly in the past two years owing to our programmes being offered digitally.


Our trainers are all highly experienced former practitioners and facilitators, and they teach from their own experiences. Their levels of knowledge are exceptionally advanced in their spheres of expertise. They are, however, also able to teach the subject matter at all levels, so those with less knowledge on a topic can benefit just as much as those who are already experienced.

They all have a proven track record of teaching large & small groups of participants at leading investment banks, major corporates, accountancy firms, law firms, retail & corporate banks and private equity firms across the globe.


Our live virtual classes are hosted on Zoom – a platform designed to facilitate an interactive and engaging learning experience that is on par with a classroom. We find that Zoom is significantly better than other e-conferencing platforms and allows for the best participant engagement, interaction and is far superior for the imparting of case studies, technical course material and conducting exercises. Participants will have live access to the trainers and the opportunity for live Q&A. Our trainers can also make use of a range of learning tools built into Zoom, including;

  • Presenting and Screen Sharing – High-quality slide decks and case studies can be presented by the trainer to the group.
  • Live Annotations – The trainer can highlight the presentation on the fly, directing participants’ attention to the key points.
  • Virtual whiteboards – Participants can collaborate and share their knowledge, replicating writing on a whiteboard in a live classroom.
  • Virtual break-out rooms – Participants can be divided into small groups, facilitating group discussion.
  • Hand raising – Participants can raise a virtual hand to signal that they have a question.
  • Messaging – Participants will have access to a live chat which can be used to submit questions to either the group or privately to the trainer.
  • Polls - Hosts can make use of single- or multiple-choice polls within Zoom to garner the opinions and feedback of everyone attending the meeting.

The in-house live classes can even be recorded. We can edit and finesse the files, convert them to enable housing on your LMS.


"I extend my gratitude to Redcliffe's team for selecting such top-talented lecturers, structuring materials perfectly, and organizing everything seamlessly."

"Case studies were great, exercises took you out of your comfort zone but enabled you to gain more of an understanding into the techniques available, feedback was also great."

"The expectations were in line with the described course objectives and technical content. Hence, the fact that those comprehensively detailed helped me decide in taking up the course."

"Real life examples, case studies, take away models all very valuable. The Trainer clearly had a very strong technical and practical knowledge of the course materials and was able to link it well to real world examples, which gave helpful context."

"All the knowledge on the course is applicable to my everyday job and I expect to be using this knowledge instantly."

"Instructor clearly knew the topic very well - Invited participation from the audience - Useful real-life examples."

"Everyone loved the case studies it really bought the course to life."

"Was very easy to understand and easy to follow. Am very pleased with the materials and trainer. Overall, thought the course was excellent and was a great learning experience."

"The Couse Contents were superb. The Case Studies were really Amazing. The Trainer was highly experienced. Real life examples were very Informative."

"Many hands-on examples and anecdotes besides the fact that helps to create a good mindset for assessments and open the mind for true knowledge and reflections and not just going by the book. Very good."

"Excellent instructor, strong course setup with just the right amount of details for advanced course, overall excellent and efficient time use."

"I was a bit sceptical when I saw that the training was booked in for 3.5 hours, but the trainer filled the time well and gave us breaks throughout. There were plenty of opportunities to ask questions."

"Splendid tutor/instructor! He was witty but very knowledgeable."

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