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Advanced Swaps

Learn and develop your knowledge of swaps and the market environment for better investment decisions

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A one-day swaps training course

This advanced swaps course covers nine sections

Review of Swap Pricing
  • Swaps training explores the relationship between swaps, Government yields, and the “Libor” concept
  • Issues in cross-currency swap pricing vs IRS pricing
  • Documentation issues
The Zero-Coupon Curve
  • Creation of the zero-coupon curve and its uses in the pricing of swaps
  • Isolation of forward yield curves
  • Use in pricing forward start swaps and cross currency swaptions
Marking to Market
  • Prudent marking to market
  • Liquidity issues
  • Uses of the zero-coupon curve
  • Unwinding swaps, “tear-ups, and swap assignments
Traditional Swap Variations
  • This swaps course looks at the construction and pricing of swap variations
  • Forward start swaps
  • Amortising swaps and accreting swaps (and roller coasters)
  • Currency swaps without exchange of principal
  • Marking these products to market and swap
Short-Date Swaps
  • SONIAs (Sterling Overnight Index Averages), EONIAs (EURO Overnight Index Averages)
  • Pricing mathematics
Asset Swap Packages
  • This swaps course explains using a swaps investment to create enhanced-return investment vehicles
  • Tax efficiency aspects
Advanced Swap Constructions
  • Quanto swaps /Differential swaps
  • Total return swaps
  • Other exotic swaps
Caps, Floors & Collars
  • Basic option pricing concepts
  • Application to the long-term yield curve and thus to swaps
  • Relationship of caps, floors and collars to swaps
Advanced Swaps Course Covers Trading Strategies
  • The risk/reward profile
  • The concept of the efficient frontier.
  • Arbitraging the swap money market; traditional and model-based

Redcliffe Training’s advanced swaps course trainer has worked in Investment Banks for nearly 20 years, including HSBC and the Bank of Montreal. During this time, he worked within Operations and as a trader; running books in FX, bonds and derivatives. Redcliffe’s trainer has run courses all over the world, which also include swaps training in Amsterdam, Dublin, London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta, Johannesburg, Delhi, Accra, Johannesburg, and more.

This trainer delivers courses which focus on providing a practical and in-depth understanding of the markets from a trading, operations and risk perspective. His advanced swaps training is interactive and stimulating, offering delegates the opportunity to participate in an environment which encourages free discussion on the real issues faced in the workplace.

In addition to his training activities, he has undertaken various consultancy projects, such as an in-depth collateral risk assessment at a major European Investment bank. He held the position of Non-Executive Director of Cazenove’s Derivative Oversight Committee for many years. In this role, he acted as a member of the committee in a general consultative capacity to assess the firm’s derivative capabilities and risks.

He has also presented at JPMorgan Forums in London, speaking on topics such as the Benefits and Risks of Derivatives. Along with representatives from the FSA, law firms, and hedge funds, he was asked to give his views on the risks of derivatives to 200 Directors and senior managers from the top investment firms in the UK.

  • By joining this advanced swaps course, you will gain a level of comfort that will allow you to cope with these products on a day-to-day basis. You will fully understand the pricing of swaps and their usage.
  • Swaps training will also teach you to understand market environment product limitations and swap liquidity issues.

  • Swaps training will teach you how swaps are priced. From IRS hedging to Quanto Equity Swaps; we explain how a trader prices and hedge fund swaps these products.
  • Appreciate the importance of the Zero-Coupon Curve and how it is essential in the pricing of the IRS swaps.
  • Understand how the market in many countries is moving from Libor to RFR (Risk-Free Rates) including SOFR (Secured Overnight Financing Rate).
  • Gain real-life examples of how swaps are marked to market and how this gives you a value for profit or loss.
  • This advanced swaps course also covers some of the swap variations. You will learn about Short Dated Swaps, Asset Swap Packages, Caps, Floors and Collars and Swaps Trading Strategies.

  • This advanced swaps training course is a 'must-know' for:
  • Asset Managers
  • Junior Traders
  • Sales Traders
  • Middle office
  • Risk
  • Compliance
  • Anyone wanting to understand the Swaps Markets

Tailored for individuals with a solid foundational knowledge of swaps; this advanced swaps training course combines theoretical insights with practical examples and serves as a valuable resource for those involved in various aspects of swaps, treasury products, and derivatives markets. It offers a holistic and nuanced perspective on the complexities of the financial instruments landscape.

We have created this swaps training to be specifically aimed at dealers, sales, middle office and support staff who already have a good basic knowledge of swaps. This swaps training will enhance and deepen the understanding of this successful group of swaps products.


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