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Introductory Sustainable Real Estate

Learn the key ways in which ESG factors are financially relevant for real estate assets and portfolios

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A half-day live sustainable real estate training from 9:30am to 1:45pm UK time

Sustainable Real Estate Market, Expectations and Regulation

  • This sustainable real estate course looks at the market and key trends in ‘sustainable real estate and sustainable development in real estate’
  • ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors relevant to real estate sustainability:
    • Climate – whole life cycle impact, sea-level rise/floods, energy efficiency
    • Biodiversity – pollution and land contamination
    • Social – labour standards and working conditions, community development, controversial tenants, health and well-being of occupants, contractors and local community, diversity & inclusion
    • Governance – tax, corruption, and data privacy
  • Key ESG expectations across the investment life cycle, property type (ie residential, commercial and industrial real estate) and strategy
  • Regulatory trends and how it impacts industry, clients and capital providers (ie equity/loan)

Integrating ESG in Property Value and Impact  

  • Sustainable real estate training identifies key ESG issues that are material from a financial perspective:
    • Additional capital expenditures
    • Increased costs
    • Future income uncertainty
    • Obsolescence risk
  • Identifying key ESG issues which are material from an impact perspective
  • Identifying ESG-related risks and opportunities in the short-term and long-term, and understanding the impact on property value and valuation
  • Impacts of ESG on leasing and occupier
  • Making sense of ESG data and assessment tools (eg CRREM)
  • Ways to integrate material ESG issues in decision-making:
    • Deal sourcing
    • Investment decision
    • Ownership
    • Sale
  • Exercise: Integrating ESG factors in due diligence
  • Data, benchmarking (eg REEB) and performance measurement
  • How to construct ESG and low-carbon real estate portfolios
  • Case study: Flagship sustainable real estate and property investment funds  

Certifications and Reporting

  • This ESG real estate course looks at identifying greenwashing
  • Certifications and benchmarking:
    • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
    • BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method)
    • EDGE
    • WELL
  • Reporting on performance and impact:
    • Examples of key indicators
    • ESG attribute of AUM
    • Sustainability Fund Regulations
  • Sustainable real estate training concludes with a final group exercise

This ESG real estate course is delivered by a seasoned professional with a diverse background spanning real estate, sustainability, investments, and engineering. Alongside delivering this sustainable real estate course, he currently divides his focus between sustainability consulting and co-managing a real estate investment firm.

Since 2019, as Director and Independent Sustainability Advisor at DC Sustainability Ltd, he's been integral to various committees and groups such as the CRREM Global Investor & Scientific Committee and the UK Green Building Council. His engagements with prominent clients like MSCI have involved spearheading their real estate climate product strategy, designing investor products, overseeing collaborative projects on climate risk, and contributing to significant reports including one published by UNEP FI on Real Estate and TCFD.

His professional journey has also seen him make impactful contributions across diverse sectors. As the Director and Head of Sustainability at Everon Group Limited, he manages a commercial real estate firm while leading sustainability initiatives and overseeing portfolio management. His tenure at FTSE Russell as Head of Green Solutions was marked by pioneering tools for investors in measuring the transition to a green economy, crafting innovative green real estate indices, and playing a role in EU High-Level Expert Groups for Sustainable Finance.

Our sustainable real estate course trainer has a solid educational background including an MBA from Imperial College Business School. To complement this he holds an MA in Leadership for Sustainable Development and an MEng in Aeronautical Engineering. The latter two have enriched his multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving.

  • This sustainable real estate course will provide an overview of the ESG landscape and the rising client expectations around ‘sustainable real estate’.
  • Emerging ESG risks that are material across residential, commercial and industrial real estate.
  • The availability, quality and challenges regarding ESG data across different types of real estate.
  • Sustainable real estate training ensures you understand the key red flags of greenwashing that surround green and sustainable real estate investment.
  • Recognise and assess the characteristics of sustainable commercial and residential real estate.
  • How to construct an ESG fund.
  • Know common KPIs, as well as main challenges, for reporting on ESG characteristics (risk and impact) of funds.

  • A big focus of this ESG real estate course is on actual investment criteria and performance of real estate and sustainability.
  • Comprehensive statistical analysis of results from ESG investment.
  • Insight into practical aspects of the implementation of the theory.
  • A thorough review of related academic research and its implications.
  • A first-hand perspective based on international experience in ESG.
  • As a fully explorative sustainable real estate training, you’ll receive practical insights on ESG policy at the level of the portfolio and financial institution.

Sustainable real estate training is a 'must-know' for:
  • Sustainability professionals of Real Estate
  • Financial Analysts of Real Estate
  • Fund managers in Real Estate

While ESG considerations are increasing across all asset classes, they are particularly relevant to real estate. Direct investment in real estate tends to be a long-term investment, allowing more time for material ESG issues to affect the viability and return of the asset. Also, most of the ESG issues for real estate play out at a local level: extreme weather, water stress, and community relations.

Sustainable real estate training identifies and describes the key ways in which ESG factors are financially relevant for real estate assets and portfolios, and how to identify and manage them to mitigate risks and enhance returns. This sustainable real estate course will not leave anything on the table.
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