Insolvency & Restructuring

Our public courses can also be presented in-house for you, with the majority also available in live webinar format. Please contact us for details.

Course Title
Advanced Restructuring - Step by Step

Learn practical guidance on navigating the critical issues facing debtors, creditors, advisors & management at each stage of the process; strategies for managing existing and aggressive out-of-the money creditors and the pros and cons of implementing the various restructuring options

Schemes of Arrangements, Restructuring Plans & Chapter 11

Learn the key legal and commercial issues of Schemes of Arrangement, Restructuring Plans and Chapter 11

Modelling for Debt Restructuring

Understanding the mechanics of restructuring debt, and applying best practice principles to a restructuring model

Analysing and Restructuring Distressed Corporate Debt

Learn from a full review of all the options available to financiers in restructuring corporate debt

Advanced Debt Restructuring

Learn and develop a holistic, applied approach to early problem loan workouts

Tax Issues in Corporate Restructuring

Learn the key tax issues in corporate restructuring

Restructuring High Yield Bonds

Learn and examine the market techniques, methods and tools used to restructure high yield bonds

Structuring and Managing Distressed M&A

Identify the typical issues in Distressed M&A which parties are likely to encounter and learn to develop a route map on how these might be resolved

Modelling for Corporate Restructuring

Learn the practitioner’s guide to modelling for corporate restructuring

Valuing Distressed Corporate Debt

Learn about the current distressed debt market structure and drivers

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At Redcliffe Training, we want to ensure you choose the most appropriate Insolvency & Restructuring courses for your needs. Our trainers are all former practitioners who deliver highly technical, practical and best-practice accounting insolvency practitioner training courses covering a wide range of pertinent topics.
We offer Insolvency & Restructuring course outlines covering the following:

  • Advanced Debt Restructuring
  • Advanced Restructuring – Step by Step
  • Analysing and Restructuring Distressed Corporate Debt
  • Modelling for Corporate Restructuring
  • Modelling for Debt Restructuring
  • Restructuring High Yield Bonds
  • Schemes of Arrangements, Restructuring Plans & Chapter 11
  • Structuring and Managing Distressed M&A
  • Tax Issues in Corporate Restructuring
  • Valuing Distressed Corporate Debt

Our Insolvency and Restructuring courses are presented on publicly scheduled dates (shown above). If you have a group of participants it can be cost-effective for the corporate restructuring course to be presented exclusively for your company on a date of your choosing.

Each public insolvency and restructuring course is presented via a live interactive webinar – Zoom – a platform purposely designed to facilitate an interactive and engaging learning experience that rivals a classroom. Participants will have live access to the trainers and the opportunity for live Q&A. Our trainers can also make use of a range of learning tools built into Zoom, including virtual whiteboards, live annotations and breakout rooms.

If you would like to find out more about either option please call us at +44 (0)20 7387 4484 or please fill out our contact form and we will contact you straight away.

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