Bespoke Pensions & Private Client Tax: 10 July, 2023 Case Study

10 July 2023
In July 2023, Redcliffe Training presented its Bespoke Pensions & Private Client Tax course exclusively for a leading UK law firm based in Guildford.

The Client and the Requirement:

A leading UK law firm based in Guildford asked Redcliffe Training to present a bespoke Pensions & Private Client Tax course exclusively for them.

This is what the participants expected of their in-house bespoke Pensions & Private Client Tax Course:

"Detailed technical teaching on the agreed topics, with some practical guidance around how this would be used and could apply in practice."

This is what the participants said about their in-house bespoke Pensions & Private Client Tax course:

"The trainer was a very engaging speaker on a tricky topic and I think did a good job of conveying the information we needed. We were provided with very detailed slides, which will be useful to us going forward."

"Everyone at Redcliffe was extremely helpful and responsive as we worked to set the course up."

The Course Covered:

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