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Conflicts of Interest - A Practical Guide & Workshop

2 Part Course  |  Learn the regulatory requirements, ethical & best practice guidelines and how it should all operate in practice

A dark room with a spiral staircase at a place of shadows and secrets

A one-day COI course presented over two-half days in a virtual class from 9:30am to 1:00pm UK time

Part One

Conflicts of Interest Training: Latest News – Recent Regulatory Action - Moody's ESMA Fine & FCA Fines Including Standard Life

What are “Conflicts of Interest”?

  • Definitions of conflicts of interests
  • Identifying and recording interests
  • Conflicts of Interest in the Workplace
  • Conflicts of Interest by Boards of Directors
  • FCA definitions & required policies
  • European Banking Authority (EBA) definitions and policies
  • European Securities & Markets Authority (ESMA) definitions and policies
  • Types of Conflicts
  • Identification & assessment of Conflicts
  • Managing Conflicts
  • Disclosure of Conflicts e. conflict of interest disclosure
  • Recording of conflicts
  • The different legal frameworks conclude section one of COI training

Conflicts of Interest (CofI) and Ethical Threats

  • What is Ethics?
  • Different types of Ethical Dilemmas
  • Ethical responses and conduct risk or TCF
  • Different approaches to ethics
  • Conceptual Framework
  • Ethical Threats and Safeguards

Examples: An invitation to the Opera, the scion of a wealthy client gets a job offer and a client makes an offer in return for fee reductions.

Rules and Principle-Based Approaches

  • Rules-based approach
  • Principles-based approach – care re: who defines “principles-based”
  • FCA approach
  • ESMA approach
  • EBA approach
  • Joint ESM/EBA approaches

Example - As the manager, you face colleague resistance to a rules and principles-based approach.

Part Two

COI Training: Ethical Conflict Resolution

  • Typical Conflicts of Interest Policy
  • FCA/ESMA/EBA differences in approach
  • Gifts, sponsorship and hospitality
  • Definition and inclusions; conflict of interest in corporate governance and business
  • Mitigating actions; how to deal with a conflict of interest at work
  • COI Training Case study – A key supplier offers to assist with another supplier in return for expense payments. What level of expense is acceptable, if any?

Best Practice

  • How to make decisions on identified conflicts
  • The dangers of making a mistake
  • Section two of our conflict of interest course concludes with an example – The board has agreed to a root and branch review of Conflicts of Interest and Ethical issues. Now it's over to you.

Workshop – CofI in Practice

  • Practical Dilemmas in the workplace
  • Key Issues

Think Like a Compliance Professional

Course Conclusion

  • Summary, open forum, and wrap-up concludes conflict of interest training

At Redcliffe Training our Conflicts of Interest course is delivered by a specialist with over four decades of experience managing risk in the UK's banking and financial services sector. An impressive, accelerated career with Lloyds Bank, this expert soon found himself working at the senior management level within the private banking and wealth management division. From here he was headhunted by a merchant bank, joining at a board director level. His role was to head both the private bank and the group risk management function.

Since retirement, our COI course leader has made huge strides within his freelance career and is currently an external Master Trainer at both HSBC and Bank of China where he delivers major projects on a wide range of topics. Helping to design HSBC's global flagship Risk Management Programme for senior middle managers, our trainer has played a solid part in its delivery worldwide.

This trainer has delivered specialised in-depth sessions to global giants, right through to small firms and partnerships. Our specialist is a time-served expert, taking him across the UK, USA, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Highly adaptive, hands-on and widely sought-after, Redcliffe’s COI training facilitator gains excellent feedback from delegates with every session. Comfortable training participants at any seniority stage, his expertise includes but is not limited to Risk Management, Trade Finance, Regulatory Compliance, FCC & AML and all aspects of Corporate, Private & Retail Banking. He is also a highly experienced soft skills trainer and has completed numerous “train the trainer” assignments.

  • Conflict of interest training helps participants formally identify in a risk-based manner, by assessing if conflicts are Actual, Potential or Perceived
  • Our ethical approach to conflicts of interest and why this is critical
  • Attendees will learn to understand the challenges created by the three major types of exposure to conflicts in a regulated firm
  • We cover the legal and regulatory framework
  • Appreciate that the UK Regulators' ‘default’ position states every effort must be made to eliminate Conflicts of Interest where possible as the first step
  • To realise that the ‘Disclosure and Client Consent’ approach is a ‘second step’ and MUST always follow concerted efforts to eliminate Conflicts of Interest. It should never be regarded as the ‘first step’ or the ‘default response’
  • Conflicts of interest training aids recognition of the need for a clear line of communication between operations and senior management
  • Participants will recognise good practice
  • Avoid poor, sloppy or ineffective management
  • Define an effective and comprehensive COI policy.
  • Learn how to identify unexpected consequences or hidden conflicts of interest
  • Identify best responses
  • Create a clear and auditable management method ensuring transparency
  • Participants will think like either a risk owner or a compliance professional with this conflicts of interest course.

  • At Redcliffe Training our COI course demonstrates how to make conflicts of interest ‘business as usual’ without over-engineering the process or falling short of Regulatory expectations
  • Course content is regularly updated based upon current challenges and regulatory ‘hot buttons’
  • Client feedback is taken incredibly seriously and we understand the importance of input for future sessions
  • We have delivered financial-related courses for over 20 years to a wide range of global firms and businesses whilst understanding the subject thoroughly
  • Conflicts of interest training is one of our core competencies
  • We do not employ trainers. All our specialists are highly experienced professionals with relevant qualifications and vocational experience in the real world and ‘on the ground’
  • We have delivered many core governance, risk and compliance courses over recent years and have a very clear understanding of what ‘good and bad’ sessions look like and the consequences, intended or not, of poor decision-making
  • We have developed highly interactive and very enjoyable case studies to enhance learning points. All delegates report these as a high point
  • COI training feedback is of consistently high standards

Delivered live online or in person at an agreed location, conflicts of interest training is a ‘must know’ for:
  • Senior managers seeking to gain a deeper, more confident understanding of their responsibilities in this area
  • Compliance & Risk Officers
  • Department Heads, Team Leaders and Supervisors
  • Any front-line and other team members operating in a financial firm where conflicts of interest pose a critical risk will greatly benefit from this session

With policy and procedure submissions found to be lacking, conflicts of interest are gaining increased regulatory scrutiny. In light of this, the need for expert COI training is required now more than ever. The market is changing rapidly, with consolidation and restructuring becoming a regular occurrence. Both involve changes to business models and firms must have a robust approach in place for dealing with any conflicts that may arise.

All too often, firms think that a generic conflict of interest policy and an (empty) conflicts of interest register means ‘job done’. Potential conflicts are often inherent in such arrangements and cannot always be prevented. Our COI course highlights that although conflicts may be present:
  • There’s evidence of proper thought and consideration of the conflicts by senior managers
  • Any conflicts have been effectively managed and completely disclosed, and clients’ interests remain at the heart of your firm’s decision-making process
Conflicts, particularly those relating to governance structures and business models, often need managing through a combination of measures depending on the firm, its staff and business model.

Note: Conflict of interest training covers the topic generally in an EU setting. For private or client-based delivery, it can be modified to make it more or less FCA-specific and more or less FVZF EBA/ESMA-specific depending on client requirements.

  • Everything was perfect. The trainer was excellent, highly experienced and qualified, presenting theory and practical exercises as well. The course was very useful and cases studies were very enjoyable. There was balance between theory and practical exercises.
  • Highly interactive and very enjoyable case studies to enhance the learning points. The trainer gave valid points when answering our questions, basing his answers on our specific situation, giving us tips on how we could think in our organization.
  • I felt as if the trainer really gave valid points to us when answering our questions, basing his answers on our specific situation, giving us tips on how we could think in our organization.
  • Balance between theory and practical exercises. Dynamic rhythm.
  • Everything was perfect, the course very useful and cases studies were very enjoyable. The trainer was excellent, highly experienced and qualified, presenting theory and practical exercises as well.
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