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As a high-level professional seeking to enhance your skills and expertise with financial modelling training, you’ve reached the right place. Tailored to meet the specific needs of finance industry professionals, Redcliffe Training provides financial modelling courses both live online and in-person; meaning you choose the option that suits you. To discuss your training journey, please get in touch with our specialist team who are ready to assist you.

Explore Comprehensive Financial Modelling Courses

Course Title
Modelling for Corporate Restructuring

Learn the practitioner’s guide to modelling for corporate restructuring

Introduction to Insurance Modelling and Valuation

An overview of the valuation for non-life and life insurance businesses

Modelling for Mergers & Acquisitions

Learn how to master the Modelling of Integrated Financial Statements

Valuing a Healthcare / Pharmaceutical Company

Learn different, advanced techniques that can be utilised in assessing a pharmaceutical company’s value.

Project Finance Modelling for Renewable Energy

Create, use and analyse a project finance model for the renewable energy industry

Advanced LBO Modelling

Learn how to master the key elements of Modelling in an LBO Analysis

Advanced Corporate Valuation, Financial Statements Analysis and Forecasting

Learn about valuation fundamentals, equity and enterprise value multiples and discounted cashflow valuations

Debt Structuring using Cash Flow Modelling

Learn how to use Microsoft Excel for modelling cash flow forecasts in loan structuring

Modelling for Mergers & Acquisitions Masterclass

Understand the Modelling of Integrated Financial Statements

Project Finance Modelling

Learn how to master project finance model structure and design

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Your Financial Modelling Training Journey

Dive deep into complex financial scenarios, gain insights into intricate deal structures, and develop the expertise required to excel in the world of finance. Our Advanced LBO Modelling training will show you how to master the vital parts of modelling for LBO analysis and our Modelling for Mergers & Acquisitions course is the ultimate guide for learning the mechanics of modelling M&A transactions. Our courses on financial modelling are designed for professionals looking to elevate their skills to the next level and Redcliffe are here to support this journey.

Flexible Learning Formats

At Redcliffe Training we understand schedules vary and time is precious and this is why we offer sessions in multiple formats. You can choose to attend live, highly interactive, online financial modelling courses, held via Zoom on publicly scheduled dates. Should you prefer the in-person option, course content is tailored to the bespoke requirements of your organisation and conveniently delivered on-site. Speak with us for more information on flexibility.

Early Bird Discounts & Bundle Savings

A number of our online Financial modelling courses are available with early bird discounts and here’s the exciting part. You don't actually need to book multiple spots on the same course to enjoy the benefits. By taking advantage of this offer you can mix and match courses for different participants and the savings still apply! Invest in your professional growth while optimising your training budget.

Financial Modelling Training You Can’t Afford to Miss

Whether levelling up your knowledge surrounding project finance models for renewable energy or you wish to become more familiar with cash flow forecasts using Excel, our courses are the solution. Gain valuable industry insights, techniques, tips and tricks with a financial modelling training course that directly meets your needs:

  • Financial statement modelling
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Advanced Excel functions
  • Data visualisation techniques
  • Model auditing and presentation

Financial Modelling Skills, Elevated

For your Financial Modelling training needs choose industry specialists Redcliffe Training. Our experts are all former practitioners, bringing practical knowledge and best practices to every session. Whether looking to book a live, financial modelling course online or you’d prefer to discuss the benefits of bespoke, in-house sessions, you’ll benefit from a rich, interactive learning experience.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to refine your skills with financial modelling courses. Contact us today at +44 (0) 20 7387 4484 or fill out our contact form for immediate assistance. Join the ranks of high-level professionals who trust Redcliffe Training for their financial modelling education.

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