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Redcliffe Training provide highly technical and practical financial modelling courses to equip you with the financial modelling skills you needed to succeed and expand upon experience and ability.
We offer a range of industry focused, market driven financial modelling courses – including real estate modelling, LBO modelling, and M&A modelling training – led by experienced former financial sector practitioners. Topics covered include the following:

Debt capacity
Discounted cash flow
Excel financial modelling
Financial modelling for project finance
High yield market
LBO (Leverage Buyout) modelling
Mergers and acquisitions modelling training
Modelling scenarios
WACC (Weighted average cost of capital)
Real Estate Modelling
Emerging Market Modelling
Lease Modelling

Financial Modelling Courses with Redcliffe
Redcliffe Training is an experienced leader in financial modelling training and all of our courses are offered provide a blend of theory and practical work, covering elements such as lease modelling and emerging marketing modelling in real life scenarios and actionable tasks across the courses.
This ensures courses offered by our financial professionals give participants practical insights to financial modelling and improving day-to-day tasks, understanding new regulation and benefit career and business aspirations. For us, this is the great value of our training programmes.
Financial Modelling In House courses
In addition to the public courses held at our venues in central London, we also offer a variety of in-house courses that, for your convenience, can be held at a venue of your choice.
And if you need a course outline built to accommodate your particular business needs, we are happy to create a financial modelling training course specifically covering the topics you require.
Call our helpful team today on +44 (0)20 7387 4484 to book a course, or email us at

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