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Investor Pitching Skills

2 Part Course  |  Learn how to structure, prepare and deliver a successful investor pitch

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A one-day course presented over two-half days in a virtual class from 9:30am to 1:00pm UK time

Investor Pitching Skills Training - Part One

Introduction to Investor Pitching

  • What exactly is a pitch?
  • How to prepare and structure a pitch correctly
  • Pitching vs selling. Differences and why you should never mix them up
  • The big question: What is the money for? What are your next steps? Where are you going?
  • Pitfalls to avoid: Today or never. Focus on the product. Approaching competition. Pitch duration. Pitching the business. When investors see through you

The Equity Story

  • This investor pitching course explores the core elements of the equity story: What, who, why, why now? (what to answer)
  • Drafting a compelling equity story based on current market trends
  • The Unique Value Proposition (UVP). Main financial aspects and valuation parameters
  • Simple complete vs complex incomplete equity stories
Group exercise: Identifying equity stories in blue-chip pitch presentations.

Getting to Know Your Client (The Investor)

  • Knowing your game: Why knowing the investor is (so) important
  • Researching investor types. Adapting the pitch to the ‘target’
  • Using AI to further our knowledge of investor profiles
  • Types of investors by life cycle: Angel, Seed, who needs what
  • Venture Capital. Aims, expectations and funding rounds. Expected returns
  • Institutional investors. Mandates and types. Long only vs hedge funds. Expected returns
  • Getting feedback from investors – how to get this key step right
  • AAA vs AA vs A institutional investors – who and when to target
  • The role of the sell side in getting the message across capital markets

Group exercise: Identifying investor types by their business case (AI-assisted)

Putting the Pitch Together

  • Pitch content summary
  • PowerPoint vs you – Setting the leading indicator
  • Adapting to time. Slides content based on investor’s availability
  • Pitching what you have to (not what you want to)
  • Who should run the show? Story and model ownership considerations

Investor Pitching Skills Training - Part Two

Delivering the Pitch (1)

  • Exuding credibility. The elevator pitch: Defining the problem. Defining the solution. Delivering the UVP
  • Being genuinely genuine. How to apply the 8 storytelling techniques in a finance pitch
  • Psychological aspects of an effective pitch delivery
  • Introduction to cognitive bias in investor pitching
  • Introduction to non-verbal communication in finance

Group exercise: Elevator pitch practice

Delivering the Pitch (2)

  • Making the most of negotiating techniques in investor pitching.
  • From convergence to nesting, when and how to apply storytelling in pitching.
  • Visual cues for advanced finance presentations (or how to avoid the average).
  • Rehearsing the pitch... and again. When are we ready to deliver? Mimicking vs improvising delivery.

Beyond Investor’s Expectations

  • Investor pitch training looks at the financial aspects of pitching
  • Valuation
  • Multiples
  • Extrinsic vs Intrinsic models
  • Understanding investor’s timelines and requirements
  • Dividends vs buybacks vs share price appreciation
  • Consistency 101: What not to change in regular investor pitching
  • Easy pitfalls that investors pick up on. Being most useful when the investor is the insider

Pitching Specific Transactions

  • Analysis of specific requirements when pitching specific types of transactions
  • Mergers, acquisitions, takeovers
  • IPOs and secondary ECM transactions
  • Series A funding rounds
  • P2Ps / integrations
  • Separations/Spin-offs/carve-outs

Redcliffe’s pitch presentation training is delivered by an independent consultant who provides online finance Higher Education and Executive Education (Corporate Finance, Accounting, Private Equity). He has been a Financial Services Executive with over 25 years of experience in investment banking, wholesale and retail banking specialising in capital markets, risk oversight, compliance and regulation.

A former Deputy Chief Financial Officer in a US$>200bn international financial institution, he is also a former Executive in the UK’s sixth-largest retail bank, and a former Equity Research Analyst at Citigroup, covering for 7 years institutional investors globally in a top-rated team. He is also a former Senior representative with financial regulators (ECB, PRA, FCA, FED) and the IMF. This includes being a senior representative at the World Bank/IIF annual meetings.

This investor pitching course trainer is an experienced advisor in M&A and capital markets programmes. He has led deals with top private equity firms and real estate investors including IPOs, buyouts, P2Ps, spin-offs and carve-outs.

Throughout his career, he has presented over 7,500 hours of financial and capital markets content to a broad range of financial stakeholders worldwide. Since 2014, he has been a contributor to world-leading universities and business schools including IE Business School, LSE, The University of Chicago, UNAV (IESE) and ESADE in both undergraduate, MBA and professional education programmes.

An experienced face-to-face and online instructor (experienced in multiple LMS), this trainer is currently under contract with US and Singapore-based OPMs.

The trainer makes financially complex concepts simple and accessible by adapting the jargon to the audience’s background. An experienced international professional(speaks 5 languages and has dual nationality) he is accustomed to and enjoys rich cultural and diverse environments. On an ongoing basis, he has students and professionals from more than 15 countries including EMEA, APAC and the Americas. Due to this, courses are delivered in English and Spanish.

  • This pitching skills training course looks at the investor pitching process and what it takes to have successful outcomes.
  • Developing a fundamental technique for designing and delivering successful investor pitches.
  • The psychological aspects of dealing with investors so you can position yourself appropriately in front of the different types of stakeholders and investors.
  • The background and work required to support an investment pitch.
  • Be aware of and able to use the currently available tools to assist the pitching process.

  • Redcliffe’s pitch presentation training sessions are delivered by a professional with more than 25 years of international experience in capital markets both on the sell side and in corporates.
  • Active use of learning tools to maximise the delegates’ engagement and understanding.
  • Using real-world scenarios and fostering experiential learning.
  • Analysis of actual investor pitches and equity stories, identifying best and worst practices across different sectors and jurisdictions.
  • Analysis of AAA institutional investors’ approach to investing as a tool to design the pitch.
  • Introduction of AI tools to enhance the research aspect in pitching preparation*.
  • Review and understanding of non-technical aspects of pitching (emotional intelligence).
  • Experiential learning sandbox: Exercises which allow testing the learned concepts.

* Demonstrations during this investor pitch training are subject to the availability of live access to ChatGPT4.

This investor pitching course covers the end-to-end investor pitching process from design to implementation and delivery. It makes extensive use of the most current advanced commercial persuasion and negotiation techniques which represent the core foundation for successfully pitching to smart investors. While this investor pitching course focuses on institutional investor pitching, it can be also applied to the broader investor spectrum including family offices, corporates and private equities.

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