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Operational Risk in the Modern World

How these risks may be changing out of recognition and how to keep up

Skyscrapers reaching up to the sky dwarfing the people below

A two day Operational Risk course

Personal Experience, Understanding and Communication of Operational Risk

  • Operational risk training looks at personal risk experiences (work and life) and risk acceptance
  • Case studies:
    • The risk from personal experience
    • The ‘most risk-aware individual’
  • The definition of operational risk:
    • How to understand/measure risk and the difference it makes
    • Why it matters
  • Risk appetite
  • Statistics and risk reporting:
    • Risk Control Self-Assessments
    • Key Risk Indicators
    • Resilience
  • Case studies:
    • Lessons from the 2008 Financial Crash – Anglo-Irish Bank

Social Changes: People Aren't Sure What to Say Anymore

  • Environment, Social & Governance
  • Changes in social awareness
  • Risks for organisations
  • The risk of top positions
  • The power gradient:
    • Entertainment media
    • Other organisations
  • Risks for banks
  • Legal and reputational risk
  • Operational Risk Training Case studies:
    • ‘Me Too’, ‘Black Lives Matter’
    • Coutts and Nigel Farage, BBC Director General Tony Hall
    • Russell Brand (ongoing), BBC and Director General Tony Hall and Tim Davie

World Crisis I: Global Warming Means Change in Extreme Risk, But Which and How?

  • Extreme risk
  • The eye on the storm, global:
    • Rise of disaster events
    • Economic costs of disasters
    • Greenhouse gases
    • Disaster fatalities (Earthquakes and Heatwaves)
  • Case study: Earthquake in Turkey and Syria 2023
  • Sustainability:
    • The challenge of sustainable finance
  • Lessons for banks

World Crisis II: The Weaponisation of Everything

  • Organised crime and state links behind cybercrime: 
    • Fraud
    • Hacking
    • Ransomware
  • Operational Risk Training case study: Cybercrime for banks
  • Industrial espionage and state links
  • War and Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical futures
  • Case Study: The Millennium Hotel and the Salisbury Poisonings
  • What this means for banks
  • What this means for customers
  • Groupthink and hierarchy in risk reporting
  • Case study: The Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis

A Scenario-Based, Team Role-Playing

  • This operational risk course includes a simulation exercise with the UK financial sector (join a team, make some choices then make your moves): 
    • What are the rules
    • Up to 5 teams
  • Make your moves: 
    • Setting the scene
    • Scenario choices
  • How this crisis plays out: 
    • Coping with crisis
    • Who manages
  • De-brief:
    • What worked well, and what needed improvement?
  • Case studies: Parallels and lessons

Operational Risk Course Wrap-Up:

  • Lessons learned and changes planned
  • Remaining questions and issues

'Creative, adaptable, thorough.'

A partner in London-Risk, delivering operational risk training and providing consultancy since 2006, our specialist has a strong, industry-led background. His work has spanned Europe in its entirety (including Russia), China and many African countries. In addition, he has consulted for most major UK financial institutions and the World Bank. As an Executive and Director of the Institute of Operational Risk, delegates are in highly competent hands.

While working as Senior Risk Manager for Citibank and subsequently Lloyds Bank, this trainer wrote and negotiated the Principles of Reciprocity, the rules for UK risk data-sharing. This now has over 500 participating companies and 1 billion records. Similarly, he founded the Insurance Fraud Bureau and both are models worldwide with their economic value promoted by the World Bank. With a partner he made unique contributions to refugee ID data collection and information, starting with Ukrainian refugees in Poland in 2022.

With a wealth of knowledge and a lengthy career, our operational risk training course expert supports the Jesus College Cambridge Economic Crime Symposium and later this year he is running a think-tank on international risk data-sharing. He is a reviewer for the Royal United Services Institute Journal, The Journal of Financial Crime, and forthcoming for The Company Lawyer.

His training is founded on expert consultancy, research and publishing.

Operational risk training courses at Redcliffe help delegates explore and understand the key issues and challenges faced in the field. We’ll consider the latest thinking around the concepts of personalisation of risk, risk appetite, legal and reputational risk and how to understand and deal with extreme risks.

This session has plenty of opportunities for participation and leads to a ground-breaking team role-playing exercise in accelerated time.

Non-financial and fraud risk for banks is ever-changing meaning you need to ‘stay current’. At Redcliffe Training our experts have actual experience of the subject they teach through lengthy, reputable careers. Operational risk training course content has been created by an industry specialist whose knowledge is unparalleled.

Covering the many developments occurring within the world today, participants learn how to understand and apply creative methods before taking part in a scenario-based, team role-playing exercise. This course fully explores the potential risk outcomes facing individuals and their financial organisations.

With massive changes occurring in the risk environment, specialists need to be ahead of the curve in an increasingly, unstable world.

Operational risk courses at Redcliffe Training are ideal for finance company risk professionals who are required to remain current. In particular Risk and Operational Risk practitioners will benefit from sessions alongside Fraud, Audit and Business Continuity and Compliance managers.

Operational risk training at Redcliffe covers changes to the risk environment in an unsteady world. This course investigates social changes, and world crises whilst delving into case studies. Delegates leave with a solid understanding and ‘next steps’ plans.


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