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Introduction to Renewables Financing

2 Part Course  |  Learn from an overview of the global, sustainable renewable energy market and the regulatory, financing and investment landscape

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A one-day renewables financing course presented over two-half days in a virtual class from 9:30am to 1:00pm UK time

Introduction to Renewables Financing Training: Part One

The Global Renewable Energy Market

  • Key concepts:
    • What are renewables?
    • Renewable versus dirty energy
    • What is sustainable financing and investment?
    • Greentech and cleantech, and how green are they?
  • Market size and dynamics:
    • Global energy usage & share of renewables
    • Shifting market dynamics & the changing energy balance
    • Leading sectors, companies and innovators in renewable energy and related corporate finance
    • Outlook for renewable energy demand & opportunities for investment
  • Renewable energy asset finance as a class

Renewable Energy Technologies

  • Renewables finance training explores an overview of key technologies used in the renewables sector. Each will include a summary of the renewable energy technology & its user cases, the key risks and opportunities, and examples of projects and investments deploying this technology:
    • Solar energy
    • Wind energy
    • Hydro energy
    • Tidal energy
    • Geothermal energy
    • Biomass energy
    • New technologies in development
  • Case Study 1: Large-scale solar farm project

Regulatory & Risk Environment

  • The regulatory landscape for renewables
  • Global policy shifts: 
    • UN Sustainable Development Goals
    • Paris Agreement & NDCs
    • Global green finance policy agenda
  • Risk landscape for the renewables sector
  • Transition risks which include carbon taxes, changing consumer sentiment, the cost of converting from fossil fuel to renewable energy sources, climate change
  • Other considerations for the private sector, including reporting & compliance
  • Case Study 2: Environmental concerns around the hydroelectric project

Introduction to Renewables Financing Training: Part Two

Financing & Investing in the Global Renewables Sector

  • Renewables finance training looks at the size and dynamics of the renewable finance market
  • Key financing institutions:
    • Asset managers and pension funds
    • Banks
    • Governments
    • Development financial institutions
    • Non-bank financial institutions
    • Fintechs
  • Challenges:
    • Key social risks associated with different types of renewable energy
    • Governance and risk management: oversight and alignment of interests
  • Opportunities:
    • National commitments to “net zero”
    • Renewable energy asset finance as a new class
  • Case Study 3: Carbon credits

Types of Renewables Financing & Investment

  • Financing vehicles & instruments, including: 
    • Debt, including bonds, short-term working capital, long-term loans
    • Equity for expansion and listings
    • Green Bonds
    • Sustainability-linked bonds
    • Capital raising for listings, investment & acquisitions
    • Project finance, including large-scale infrastructure investment
    • Off-balance-sheet financing
    • Financial Technology “Fintech”
    • Non-bank financial institutions
    • Investment platforms
  • The role of insurance in renewables financing
  • Case Study 4: Green bonds

Renewable Finance Course Conclusion & Wrap-Up

  • Final quiz and class discussion
  • Key takeaways
  • Additional material and content

Redcliffe’s renewables financing training course is presented by a former banking sector analyst specialising in emerging markets. With experience in trade finance, commodity value chains, syndicated loans, fintech and agritech, he brings a wide range of experience in some of the most dynamic areas of banking. He is a regular speaker at conferences; including those specialising in trade finance, and is a commentator in the media.

He was previously a Senior Economist at the Economist Intelligence Unit and head of research at the pan-African bank, Ecobank. He has worked with international banks, multilateral financing institutions, hedge funds, and investment funds across the globe. He has also worked with multinational corporations that have operations in Africa.

This renewables financing training course expert holds a BA and a PhD from the University of Bristol.

This introduction to renewables financing training course will focus on the following:

  • The key concepts related to renewable energy finance.
  • The global sustainable and renewable energy market, its key players, technology and outlook.
  • The risks and opportunities facing the renewable energy sector.
  • Global financial regulation and the impacts of policy shifts on the private sector.
  • The risks and impacts of transitioning to renewable energy solutions.
  • The finance investment landscape of the renewable energy sector.
  • Financing structures used in renewables financing.
  • To provide even more insight, we have included an opportunity to work through a case study on carbon credits in this renewable energy finance course.

  • Expert insights into the renewable energy sector as well as the financing and investment landscape. As this is typically studied as separate topics, we provide both in this renewable energy finance course.
  • Renewables finance training will provide clear definitions of renewable energy finance and sustainability-related issues and their implications in the real world.
  • Thorough market research and review of regulation and its implications.
  • Practical insights on renewable energy policy for financiers and investors, based on international experience.
  • Highly interactive renewable energy finance course sessions with polls to drive discussion, quizzes on key topics, and short videos for class discussion.

Renewable energy is a rapidly expanding sector. As its demand for financing and renewable investment grows, new approaches are being developed to meet it. The sector is directly linked to sustainability standards which require a different approach to assessing and managing risk. This can make working in renewable financing a challenge, and this renewables finance course aims to give students the information and practical skills they need to navigate the sector.

This Introduction to Renewables Finance course is divided into two half-days. Part 1 of the renewable energy finance course is a broad overview of the global renewable energy market, exploring the dynamics driving the sector, the key players, risks, challenges & opportunities, and the regulatory and risk landscape.

Part 2 of the course looks at financing and investing in renewable energy, with an exploration of key players, financing structures and renewable energy risk management. Our renewable energy finance course includes a short quiz at the start and end of Part 2 and a discussion of a case study on carbon credits.

  • The overall overview of renewable technologies and their current usage was good
  • The supporting presentations were very good which complimented the delivery from the instructor
  • We have clients in the renewables sector and so it has improved my knowledge and understanding to be able to effectively work with those clients.
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