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Conduct Risk - How the Regulatory Changes Impact you & your Business and Current Best practice

Learn what the regulators now expect from firms, how to apply the rules in practice, and how to prepare your firm for the regulations and regulatory enforcement. In addition, we demystify the jargon to ensure you can easily understand the rules.

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A one-day course

Session 1 – The Background

  • What is conduct risk?
  • The regulatory definition
  • Terminology
  • Regulatory responses to firm’s conduct risk practices – recent events
  • Problems with self-definition and putting revenue before risk
By the end of session 1, conduct risk training delegates will be able to define conduct risk, the terminology involved and the issues with regulatory loopholes

Session 2 – Conduct Risk in Practice

  • Is conduct risk measurable, and if so, how?
  • Conduct risk management best practice
  • Conduct risk processes versus outcomes (appearances vs reality)
  • Real-world examples of conduct risk gone wrong

By the end of session 2, delegates will be able to state how a conduct risk framework can be applied in practice and also pinpoint, through case studies, instances where conduct risk has impacted a financial institution


Session 3 – Consumer Duty & other Potential New Regulations

  • What do we mean by ‘consumer duty’?
  • Terminology and definitions
  • Consequences of consumer duty running through the whole lifecycle of products & services
  • Consumer duty in practice; cultural change needed?
  • Technology and consumer duty; back to the Stone Age?
  • Other possible regulatory changes

During session 3, we will examine the new Consumer Duty requirements, how they will operate and how they might impact their business and its customers

Session 4 – Practical Issues in Conduct Risk

  • Ensuring compliance through the lifecycle
  • ‘Vulnerable customers’ with examples
  • Market abuse; examples and outcomes
  • Red flags throughout the customer & product lifecycle
  • Dealing with complaints; best practice

By the end of session 4, conduct risk training delegates will have worked through examples and shared ideas on ‘best practice’ as well as bringing together all the course threads into a series of coherent and workable take-aways.

An expert with a unique blend of experience delivers Redcliffe’s conduct risk training. This experience covers Banking, Investment Banking, Asset Management and the Sports Industry. His expertise is valued worldwide, and his reputation for the quality of his training courses is complimented by his recent experience within the financial services and professional services industries.

At Cambridge, he read history and trained as a stockbroker in London before working with Dutch, Canadian and US investment banks in their sales, sales trading and trading departments. For three years he was given compliance oversight for a regulated investment bank based in Edinburgh.

He spent three years in India managing the learning & knowledge transfer section of a large investment banking offshoring project and then a year in Moscow, setting up the L&D Department (coupled with Graduate Recruitment) for Russia’s largest Investment Bank.

The trainer then moved to the Gulf where he was hired to set up the L&D and Graduate Recruitment areas for one of the world’s largest Sovereign Wealth Funds as well as overseeing compliance training for the organisation. Following this, he was seconded to perform the same function at the World Cup organising Committee.

He has recently also been Chair of a small regulated lending institution in the UK.

Between these stints back inside businesses, for the past 30 years, he has acted as an independent consultant and financial trainer with a focus on Financial Crime Compliance and has received the highest feedback for making these topics understandable and relatable to the everyday activities of clients and delegates. His global experience ensures that he understands a wide variety of cultures, how they learn and how to make that learning effective for each.

Redcliffe’s latest Consumer Duty & Conduct Risk training course will help participants:
  • Understand the background to the regulations
  • Focus on what they mean for each business covered by the regulations
  • Work through regulatory updates and responses, both from the FCA and trade bodies
  • Understand the terminology involved; from cross-cutting rules to consumer principles; from four outcomes to vulnerable customers
  • Look at the consequences and impact of getting it wrong
  • Discuss what best-practice compliance looks like and how the rules might evolve in the future

  • This conduct risk training is developed specifically for those who may be covered by the regulations
  • We cover a thorough analysis of real-life cases and their impact on financial institutions
  • Examine how the different parts of the regulations can be managed in a holistic and effective way
  • You will look at what best practice means and how to meet regulatory expectations

Please note that Redcliffe’s conduct risk training can be tailored to the needs of specific institutions and sectors.

This course covers the basics and best practice in adhering to the FCA Consumer Duty & Conduct Risk regulations and is suitable for:
  • Anyone working for a firm to whom the regulations apply
  • Anyone working in the compliance or IA department of a bank or financial institution
  • Those in professional services firms who might be providing services or advice to a regulated entity
  • Management and those who need an overview of the latest regulatory refinements, applications and how the rules are expected to operate in practice

Conduct Risk & Consumer Duty Regulations are changing the way financial institutions treat their clients, leading to massive changes in working practices in the retail financial sector today. As the changes are embedded and the regulator's responses to firms evolve, all those subject to Consumer Duty & Conduct Risk or providing services to retail clients must be aware of the changes and the impact they are having.

Our market-leading course covers all the up-to-date challenges facing financial institutions, both regulatory and in terms of their internal working practices and is packed with real-life case studies and examples for you to dissect and work through. It will equip you with the skills needed to identify Conduct Risk & Consumer Duty issues and how these challenges are being met by the industry.

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