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Welcome to Redcliffe Training, time-served specialists in the design and delivery of high-level corporate tax courses. If you’re seeking to elevate your expertise in this area we’re here to help. Each course is meticulously designed to meet the discerning needs of professionals like you. Content is theoretical with courses deeply rooted in practicality, ensuring you gain a profound understanding of the complex tax concepts impacting you and your business decisions. To discuss your corporate tax training journey with an expert, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Corporate Tax Courses Tailored for Professionals

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Employee Ownership Trusts - Tax Aspects and Other Issues

The Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) is increasingly becoming seen as a tax-efficient way for an owner to exit the company. Still, there are many conditions to be satisfied and pitfalls to be avoided. Learn how to navigate the rapids without hitting the rocks.

Global Mobility Solutions: The Tax Issues

Learn about the interaction between domestic law and Double Tax Treaties to determine the correct taxation position for each individual

Tax Issues in Indemnities, Covenants & Warranties

A practical analysis of issues when drafting tax indemnities / schedules / covenants from both the point of view of the buyer and the seller and the consequent conflicts that can arise

Tax Issues in M&A

Learn the key issues affecting purchasers, vendors, employee shares and options

Tax Issues in Research & Development

Learn about Research and Development Claims from a practical level taking into account the developments over the last 12 months including FA2023 and also HMRC’s enforcement action

Hybrid Mismatch Rules

This course covers the principles of hybrid rules as outlined in BEPS recommendation 2

Offshore Bonds: Key Tax and Practical Issues for Individuals & Trustees

Learn how to master offshore bonds with an in-depth examination of the main advantages and tax traps associated with them.

The Corporate Interest Restriction - Where are we now?

Learn how the CIR rules work to ensure compliance with them and to avoid the pitfalls and elephant traps.

Taxation of Trusts

Learn the basics and understand the more complex issues with this taxation of trusts course

Tax Issues in MBO's

Learn the taxation pitfalls, risks, opportunities and issues in MBO transactions

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Included within our offerings is the highly sought-after Hybrid Mismatch Rules course where participants delve into the intricacies of mismatches to be readily equipped with the knowledge to navigate international tax planning effectively. Alternatively, why not sharpen your skills further in the complexities surrounding trust taxation with our Taxation of Trusts course? Session results see skilled delegates optimising tax strategies for trusts in various scenarios; key elements to staying ahead in the ever-evolving corporate tax landscape.

Public Corporate Tax Courses or Bespoke In-House Training?

At Redcliffe Training, we recognise the importance of flexibility in your professional development journey. Our sessions purposefully cater to your preferences by giving you options. Delegates can choose to attend public, live online corporate tax training courses or opt for something more bespoke with an in-house session. Either way, content is delivered by former practitioners with invaluable real-world industry experience.

Our public online corporate tax courses are scheduled on specific dates, allowing you to engage in live, interactive sessions without the need for travel. Through our Zoom-powered training, you can interact directly with seasoned trainers, seek clarifications through live Q&A sessions and use various interactive tools such as virtual whiteboards and breakout rooms.

For those seeking a tailored approach specific to a team, we’ll provide bespoke, in-house corporate tax training. Simply select a suitable date and we will deliver training exclusively to your team whilst addressing your organisation's specific needs.

Maximise Your Savings

We value your commitment to continuous learning and as such offer early bird discounts across many public corporate tax training courses. As a bonus, discounts aren’t specific to single courses. Book multiple spots for multiple participants across various courses and still enjoy the same discount. Redcliffe Training makes sure your professional development budget goes further.

Explore Our Corporate Tax Training Portfolio

Whether you want to master deferred tax or learn the intricacies of tax on employee share schemes, we can help. Discover sought-after corporate tax courses, including:

  • Corporate tax planning strategies
  • Transfer pricing and international tax issues
  • Tax compliance and reporting
  • Hybrid mismatch rules
  • Taxation of trusts

Unlock Your Corporate Tax Potential

Make the informed choice today and elevate your expertise with corporate tax courses at Redcliffe Training. Join us on one of our live trainings or schedule a bespoke in-house training session tailored to your company's unique requirements. To learn more about our courses or to discuss your training needs, contact us at +44 (0) 20 7387 4484 or simply fill out our contact form.

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