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Profit Extraction and Succession Planning in OMBs

2 Part Course  |  Learn about the many and varied tax issues related to profit extraction and succession planning in OMBs

Profit Extraction and Succession Planning in OMBs Course

A one-day course presented in two half-day live webinars from 9:30am to 1:00pm UK time

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  • The trainer, a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years’ experience in tax training, has written on this subject for publications such as Taxation and Tax Insider
  • The Profit Extraction and Succession Planning in OMBs course covers a range of business and personal taxes
  • There are many numerical examples and short case studies to aid understanding of potential tax exposure
  • Tax traps and planning areas are highlighted throughout, along with relevant cases

This course will make delegates aware of:

  • The advantages and drawbacks of the different ways of extracting profits from private companies, including the impact of
    • dividend tax rises in 2022; and
    • corporation tax rises in 2023
  • The tax issues and problems associated with overdrawn directors’ loan accounts
  • When capital distributions on a striking off or winding up may be taxed as income
  • The practical problems when share buy-backs are used for profit extraction or succession planning
  • The key CGT and inheritance tax (IHT) issues when passing on shares to family members, in particular
    • Protecting business asset disposal relief
    • Avoiding IHT charges
    • The problems with cash-rich companies
  • The tax issues associated with hive-downs and demergers
  • Clearances and other compliance issues
  • Any relevant changes from Finance Bill 2023

Part One

Profit extraction

  • Optimum mix of salary/interest/dividends
    • Impact recent tax rises
  • Use of directors’ loan accounts
  • Removing assets from a company via dividends in specie
  • Alphabet shares
  • Dividend waivers
  • Pension planning
    • Including the impact of the changes announced in the March 2023 Budget
  • FA 2016 anti-avoidance on company liquidations

Part Two

Succession planning

  • Share buy-backs
    • Case study in the context of succession planning
  • Spreading shares around a family – CGT tips and traps
  • Pre-death planning in family companies  
  • Use of trusts of family company shares
  • When Business Property Relief (BPR) is not available to mitigate inheritance tax (IHT)
  • The particular IHT problems with cash-rich companies
  • Some key corporation tax issues (e.g. Substantial shareholding Exemption)
  • Hive-downs
  • Demergers (statutory/liquidation/capital reduction)
    • Case study on using a capital reduction demerger to demerge property from a trading company
  • The importance of obtaining ‘clearance’ before undertaking a transaction

Case study - Comparison of a buy-out with a share buy-back when passing a company on to children

Our trainer is a Chartered Accountant who qualified with PwC in 1988, spending his last 18 months there in the Corporation Tax department. In 1989 he joined a leading financial training company as a tax tutor. Since 1992, he has been self-employed as a Professional Tutor and Training Consultant, specialising in tax update courses for accountants, lawyers and investment managers.

Our trainer speaks at conferences of various professional bodies, including the CIOT, and writes regularly for Tax Insider.

This Profit Extraction and Succession Planning in OMBs course will consider the many and varied tax issues related to profit extraction and succession planning in OMBs. It will cover a range of taxes and will include recent changes in legislation, guidance from HMRC and key case law, as well as several numbers-based examples and short case studies.

  • The succession aspects of the course were great
  • It was very well presented
  • Excellent and approachable speaker. Good level of detail in the course slides and well explained cases with application to real life scenarios. Extremely useful and interesting course
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