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Advanced Negotiation Skills for Financial Services Professionals

Learn how to negotiate in this highly interactive one-day workshop, if negotiating is a key feature of your everyday work as a financial services professional

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A one-day Advanced Negotiation Skills course

Prepare to Negotiate

  • Advanced negotiation skills training begins with looking at why we negotiate
  • Where races are won – and lost
  • What does Win/Win mean?
  • Planning negotiation outcomes
  • What will they be planning?
  • Hard and soft outcomes
  • Seeking the easier routes
  • Preparation for specific scenarios

Exercise: Pairs exercise – looking for the mutual benefit 

Interests and Positions

  • Describing their positions
  • Connecting with interests
  • Describing our own positions and interests
  • Looking for strengths and weaknesses
  • Outlining walk-away status
  • Describe your best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA)
  • Consider how to use your BATNA
  • The balance of power is considered during advanced negotiation training, wrapping up this section ahead of the next exercise

Exercise: Practice preparation in pairs– your next negotiation 

Becoming Advanced Skilful Negotiators

  • Who do you like negotiating with?
  • Creating the right first impression
  • Building rapport and connection
  • The power of questions
  • Questioning personal negotiation styles and types
  • Listening to skilful negotiators
  • Flexing and re-positioning
  • Re-framing for your outcome
  • Why should they?

Exercise: Questioning skills for positions & interests 


Negotiating with IMPACT

  • Structured negotiating with clients
  • Applying skills to situations
  • Questioning with confidence
  • Understanding their positions
  • Looking for alternatives
  • Asking for what you want
  • Seeking solutions using benefits
  • Identifying “sticky” points
  • This advanced negotiation skills workshop moves you directly towards the best solution

Exercise: Negotiation practice in small teams, with feedback 

Techniques for 'Tough Going'

  • The most powerful words
  • When to stay and when to go
  • The 'Columbo'
  • Testing their desired outcome
  • Face to face/phone/email/other?
  • Persuasion: better than telling
  • What does “no” mean?
  • Deadlines and concessions

Example: Application of Advanced Negotiation techniques to a range of situations 

Improving Negotiation Skills with Practice

  • Interactive exercise/scenario
  • Implementation of learning
  • Developing through feedback
  • Learning through watching and doing
  • Identification of individual learning points
  • This section of our advanced negotiation training concludes with the win/win model of negotiation in practice

Exercise: The Deal – team/pairs exercise with feedback 

Handling Objectives and Objections

  • Practical application of tools and techniques
  • The power of the 3-minute presentation
  • Opportunity for preparation and practice
  • Individual feedback
  • Audience participation
  • Building confidence in you and your audience

Course Conclusion

Our advanced negotiation skills course leader works with all levels of management helping them develop new skills to improve organisational sustainability.

He specialises in helping organisations achieve their goals, by developing their people & increasing sales. Recent projects include Finance for Sales with Tata Steel, Finance and Commercial Negotiation Skills for ESPO, and a ‘mini MBA’ programme for Oman Broadband. The latter included leadership and communications skills programmes for financial services, manufacturers and healthcare professionals.

Our expert specifically designs training for companies to help managers & leaders understand how their decisions affect overall performance. He has delivered advanced negotiation training in 25 countries across Europe and the Middle East, with clients in at least 150 organisations. These include 8 insurance companies, 7 banks, 5 energy services companies, plus hotels, automotive companies, retailers, agriculture, charities and public sector organisations.

This trainer has a solid background in financial services, enabling him to work with a wide range of institutions to develop their business and communications skills. He can combine training with coaching and leadership skills while remembering that professionals in many organisations have to develop their communication skills to match their responsibilities.

Qualifications include an MBA from Cranfield University and he is a Master's Practitioner in NLP. Designing and delivering advanced negotiation skills training at Redcliffe, our expert also holds the Financial Planning Certificate, is Level A qualified in Psychometric Testing through the British Psychological Society and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development. In addition, he is a Member of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning, The Chartered Institute of Bankers, an Associate Member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council and a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association.


Our course expert works with individuals from various backgrounds and a range of training suppliers where he creates and delivers sales and management training including this advanced negotiation skills course. Key skills and achievements include:
  • Improving Impact in Communication, & Communication for Performance, FBN Bank London
  • Persuasion, Influence & Negotiation in Financial Services – open training in London
  • Negotiation Skills for Client Relationship Building in Mergers & Acquisitions - London & Miami, plus Deloitte London
  • Change and Resilience Training – Invesco
  • Financial Oversight training – James Hambro LLP London
  • Universal Banking Skills - Major Strategy, Change, Innovation & Sales Skills development 10-day programme for Middle Eastern bank, involving main board members and senior management
  • Strategy, Risk, Organisation Culture and Key Account Management Skills for Divisional Directors and Managers– Kier Group (key elements of this advanced negotiation skills course)
  • Communication Skills for Managers – Charles Stanley
  • Our advanced negotiation training expert has delivered Financial Analysis & Development workshops to American Express, Bahrain
  • Advanced Financial Statement Analysis – Bank of Palestine, Ramallah
  • Finance, Budgets & Business Case webinars NFU Mutual
  • Influence & Persuasion Skills – Co-Operative Bank
  • Building Impactful Relationships – Handelsbanken UK
  • Compliance Training, including Retail Distribution Review, Regulator visit, professionalism & ethics, and Conflicts of Interest – for Insurance brokers, banks, & investment advisors – in London & across the UK
  • Boardroom communication skills – UIA Insurance UK
  • Investment Strategy & Pension Fund Accounting – Nigerian National Pensions Regulator, Lagos
  • Management & Leadership Skills, plus Advanced presentation Skills - Senior Partners, London Stockbroking firm
  • Business Planning & Financial Management Skills training – Self-employed insurance agents running their own agencies
  • Mentoring Skills for Deutsche Bank concludes this extensive list which highlights the knowledge and experience the trainer brings to Redcliffe’s advanced negotiation skills masterclass

Mentoring and coaching business professionals in skills and personal development

  • Coaching for business development – Finance Director of private retail chain, Insurance Broker, Pensions specialist and Senior Solicitor
  • Mentor for Mowgli – the cross-cultural mentoring charity

Development and delivery of training solutions for managers working with high-net-worth clients in retail financial services

  • Developed and delivered a substantial consultative sales programme for new Account Managers and Account Executives
  • Delivered sales management training to Centre Managers and Sales Managers enabling them to increase sales and develop their staff through coaching
  • Experience in ‘trainer training’ in sales and instructional techniques for new team members, enabling them to quickly deliver effective sessions; further strengthens Redcliffe’s advanced negotiation skills course

Responsible for staff providing sales and service to personal customers in branch banking

  • Developed sales in areas of investment business, leading to multi-million-pound introductions to bank investment managers
  • Running training courses in management, negotiation & lending skills
  • Controlling lending and recovery negotiations through a team responsible for a multi-million-pound lending book
  • Reducing the level of bad debts through effective management of the lending team and their processes
  • Developed and maintained a multi-million-pound business from a portfolio of high-net-worth clients
This trainer has a hugely successful background in the financial industry making him the perfect fit for delivering our advanced negotiation skills training course.

This highly interactive advanced session is suitable for professionals working in both finance and industries whereby everyday negotiation with clients, colleagues and business partners, is standard.

Throughout advanced negotiation skills training, participants will:

  • Examine their own negotiation skills levels
  • Consider how they prepare for negotiations
  • Describe what the win-win model of negotiation means for them
  • Use the win/win model to plan levels of negotiation outcomes
  • Describe the best ways of dealing with clients of all types
  • Describe the skills to enable mutual benefit
  • Use the IMPACT model to structure negotiations
  • Consider a range of techniques for handling difficult negotiations
  • Know when to stay and when to walk
  • Practice negotiations to develop new skills
  • Receive individual feedback to enhance their performance
  • Negotiate against the clock to balance time and outcome
  • Demonstrate how to maintain good relationships while winning business
  • Demonstrate how to negotiate improved outcomes for themselves, their clients and business partners is also covered in our advanced negotiation skills masterclass

  • Advanced training at Redcliffe investigates the use of structure models and not quick scripted lines
  • Combines application of the basic techniques ensuring everything is covered, with more advanced negotiation skills to develop your personal negotiation style and strategies
  • The opportunity to apply and negotiate in everyday situations, not just client scenarios
  • At Redcliffe Training we appreciate and utilise the experience of individuals with lengthy financial industry careers. Such direct knowledge is highlighted throughout our advanced negotiation skills course

Advanced negotiation training is a ‘must know’ for:
  • M&A professionals, but especially those negotiating with and on behalf of clients
  • Business owners considering a sale
  • Corporate, in-house Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) team members
  • Private equity professionals managing or overseeing the execution of their firm’s deals
  • Financial Services professionals who work outside of set fee structures
This is a ‘nice to know’ for:
  • Financial services professionals seeking to improve the outcomes of client meetings, colleague commitments, and easier business transactions negotiated between two, or multiple parties

You negotiate every day, but the biggest often have far-reaching implications. To handle those, you need to understand what to do, what to say and where you want to be. As with many successes in life, it is the work in advance that wins the day. In this advanced negotiation skills workshop, you are provided with the tools and techniques for both preparation and meetings, calls or messages.

Using a structured approach to negotiating is where confidence is built and developed and where reviews prove more effective (as improvement areas are easily identified). In a skills area like negotiation, there are no limits and this is why a flexible yet practical approach will help you improve.

Much of your success will depend upon mindset: you can influence your own even if you cannot always control other people. Being prepared to be flexible can be planned and is something we’ll cover during this advanced negotiation skills training session.

Most advanced negotiators develop habits and traits which work for them, but, over time, tend to come down to a small range of behaviours and habits. In this advanced session, we help participants evaluate habits and mindset whilst identifying new, professional and flexible approaches.

  • I believe the best way to move forward in terms of acquiring or developing a skill is to first understand where you stand today as well as the pitfall of your current actions. The course managed quite brilliantly to bring to surface the common errors made in our day to day negotiations. Understanding this helps me to both avoid these pitfall in the future as well as look for alternatives making progress smoother.
  • Good tips and insights, training delivered by a very experienced trainer, and the practical training in small workgroups.
  • The course brought a structure to the existing knowledge as well as presented the concepts of BATNA, WIIFT/WIIFM. Additionally, the tutor shared some insights how to deal with the questions and how to manage the process of negotiations.
  • A very clear example of the negotiation process with the selling of the motobike, applying concepts of BATNA, PPP, WIN-WIN. Very good Tutor with very clear messages.

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