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Advanced Presentation Skills for Financial Services Professionals

Consolidate basic as well as learn more advanced presentation skills that will enable already experienced presenters to move to new levels of confidence

Businessmen and women collaborating on a presentation to a client

A one-day course

First Impressions

  • The ABC of first impressions
  • The key opening line
  • How to begin confidently
  • Handling nerves
  • Owning the “stage”
  • Initial feedback

Exercise: Introductory presentation -who I am, where I am from, why I am here 

Essential Physiology of the skilled presenter

  • Physiology – the data
  • What defines confidence from an audience perspective?
  • Using eye contact to build a connection
  • Stance – presidential or casual?
  • The importance of stillness – and movement
  • Open body language
  • Using hand gestures to develop engagement

Exercise: Short presentations and feedback

Presentation Preparation

  • The race is won in training not just on the track
  • Defining your objectives
  • Using the 3Cs to construct your presentation
  • Building objectives into your opening
  • Using the “3 Ps” to start your message
  • Gaining audience buy-in – before you begin
  • Using the audience point of view
  • Achieving audience attentiveness
Exercise: Applying the 3Cs and 3Ps to your presentations

Audience Interaction and Engagement

  • Questions to encourage participation
  • Techniques to increase and reduce participation
  • Handling audience responses
  • Connecting participation with objectives
  • Controlling comments and responses
  • Developing interaction with what you say and do
  • Inviting audience interaction
  • Better alternatives to “any questions?”

Exercise: Short interactive presentations on a given topic, or a topic of your choice, with feedback

The importance of visuals – slides

  • Essential PowerPoint skills
  • Using the AIDS technique to build engagement
  • Handling large amounts of data on slides
  • Drawing attention to key elements
  • Connecting your slides with your objectives
  • Using images instead of words

Example: Short PowerPoint presentation of your choice with individual feedback

Using Visuals to Support Comunication – the power of Flip

  • Another medium of communication
  • Using images to help imagination
  • Linking images to objectives
  • Improvising image building & engagement
  • Key colour choices
  • Quick techniques to build images
  • Preparation and improvisation – prepare your ad hoc moments

Exercise: Fun session. Drawing your objectives

Handling Objectives and Objections

  • Practical application of tools & advanced presentation techniques
  • The power of the 3-minute presentation
  • Opportunity for preparation and best practice in delivering presentations
  • Individual feedback
  • Audience participation
  • Building confidence in you and your audience

Our course trainer works with all levels of financial management presentation helping them develop new skills to improve organisational sustainability.

He specialises in helping organisations achieve their goals, by developing their people & increasing sales. Recent projects include Finance for Sales with Tata Steel, Finance & Commercial Negotiation Skills for ESPO, and a “mini MBA” programme for Oman Broadband, in addition to leadership and communications skills programmes for financial services, manufacturers and healthcare professionals.

He specifically designs training for companies to help managers & leaders understand how their decisions affect overall performance. This training has been delivered in 25 countries across Europe and the Middle East, with clients in at least 150 organisations, including 8 insurance companies, 7 banks, 5 energy services companies, plus hotels, automotive companies, retailers, agriculture, charities and public sector organisations. His background in financial services enables him to work with a wide range of institutions to develop their business and communications skills. The trainer can combine this with coaching and leadership skills while remembering that professionals in many organisations have to develop their communication skills to match their responsibilities.

The trainer’s qualifications include an MBA from Cranfield University, and he is a Master's Practitioner in NLP.  He also holds the Financial Planning Certificate, is Level A qualified in Psychometric Testing through the British Psychological Society, and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development. In addition, he is a Member of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning, The Chartered Institute of Bankers, an Associate Member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council, and a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association.

This highly interactive advanced presentation skills training course is suitable for professionals working in both finance and other industries where talking to groups of people is an essential competence and communication method.

Participants will:

  • Deliver presentations in a more confident and impactful manner
  • Build clarity on key messages to deliver to the audience
  • Identify best practice use of visual aids
  • Become familiar with the techniques for presenting complex data
  • Learn techniques to increase audience engagement
  • Practice delivering financial services presentation & management presentations
  • Receive individual coaching to help enhance the skills of each presenter
  • Enhance the ability of delegates to handle audience questions
  • Manage audience dialogue to develop engagement
  • Identify the key messages within an advanced presentation
  • Refine the messages you want your audience to take away
  • Improve confidence in yourself as a presenter
  • Improve confidence in your audience in you as a communicator

  • The use of various scenarios in which to use advanced presentation skills: not just PowerPoint!
  • A tailored approach to developing your personal presenting style, not clone someone else’s.
  • Online delivery across two half days provides maximum learning time without too much continuous screen time.
  • The format also allows learning in the morning, and learning application – at work – in the afternoon.
  • Combines application of the basic techniques ensuring everything is covered, with more advanced skills to push your style forward.
  • Combines training with individual feedback & coaching.

Our advanced presentation skills course is a ‘must know’ for;

  • Wealth Managers engaged in competitive client presentation skills.
  • Senior Executives making investor presentations.
  • Financial services professionals using ‘data heavy’, complex presentations.
  • Private equity professionals seeking to raise finance through pitches.
  • Financial Services professionals seeking greater buy-in from their team meetings.

Our advanced course is a ‘nice to know’ for:

  • Financial services professionals seeking greater self-confidence, easier preparation and more engaged audiences.

Every business leader will at some point have to communicate with a group of people. This may be an informal team briefing or a strategic message delivered to a conference hall of hundreds. While many spend hours on their slides, the key human element of communicating confidence is often what needs the most development. Our highly interactive one-day programme enables that confidence to be developed and applied in scenarios that are realistic to each participant.

The approach with this training is to ensure that basic skills are consolidated while providing more advanced presentation skills to enable experienced presenters to move to new levels of confidence, competence and skill. It is not just how the presenter feels which is important: it is how they leave their audience feeling, whether in a small group or on a bigger stage. There is a wide range of tools and techniques and careful use of these will make preparation easier, while also enabling messages and questions to be handled on the go.

The best way of learning advanced presentation skills is by doing, and then working with feedback: this advanced PowerPoint presentation course will feature a significant amount of both. Not everyone likes being talked at, so building audience engagement will be a key skill to be developed here, in a safe environment where you can bring real presentations to be used for practice.

This is not a webinar but a fully interactive online advanced training session where you will be asked to give short, pre-prepared presentations to apply the learning and develop your confidence. You will need access to a computer with a camera and microphone to participate. Full instructions will be provided in advance.


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