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A Comprehensive Guide to UK Financial Services Regulation and Compliance

Learn how the financial markets work in practice by reviewing the central pieces of UK legislation and the Institutions/Regulators that oversee them, in this highly interactive webinar

Advanced Corporate Credit - Warning Signals

Understand what really matters in identifying, analysing, and responding specifically to corporate credit warning signals

Advanced ISDA® Master Agreement Negotiations - ASPAC

A detailed clause by clause analysis of the ISDA Master Agreement

Advanced ISDA® Master Agreement Negotiations (USA)

A detailed clause by clause analysis of the ISDA Master Agreement

Advanced Restructuring - Step by Step

Learn practical guidance on navigating the critical issues facing debtors, creditors, advisors & management at each stage of the process; strategies for managing existing and aggressive out-of-the money creditors and the pros and cons of implementing the various restructuring options

Anti-Bribery & Corruption: Managing Emerging Risks

Learn the adequate and effective management of emerging Anti-Bribery and Corruption risks

Bite Size: Corporate Guarantees & Indemnities

Focus on the clauses in typical corporate guarantees, drafted under common law and learn how they are designed to ensure that the beneficiary's rights are fully protected in this 2 hour seminar

Bite Size: Getting to Grips with Key Intercreditor Agreement Concepts

An analysis of the key aspects of Intercreditor agreements

Client Care and Cross Selling for Lawyers

How to manage client relationships and generate cross selling opportunities

Drafting Skills for Lawyers

How to draft clearly and avoid ambiguity

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