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Our public courses can also be presented in-house for you, with the majority also available in live webinar format. Please contact us for details.

Course Title
Advanced Negotiation Skills for Financial Services Professionals

Learn how to negotiate in this highly interactive one-day workshop if negotiating is a key feature of your everyday work as a financial services professional

Problem Solving & Creative Thinking

Make the time to think critically, creatively and above all remember to use common sense and sound judgement when empowered to do so and when it is applicable

Personal Effectiveness

The process of improving your personal productivity, so you get more done, with less effort, and maybe less stress

Leadership Skills

Learn to become a more effective leader

Negotiation Skills for Lawyers

Learn how to get the best win/win outcome and explore the skills and strategies to make commercial negotiations as quick and profitable as possible

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At Redcliffe Training, we want to ensure you choose the most appropriate Soft Skills courses for your needs. Our trainers are all former practitioners who deliver highly technical, practical and best practice accounting courses covering a wide range of pertinent topics.
We offer Soft Skills course outlines covering the following:

  • Advanced Negotiation Skills for Financial Services Professionals
  • Advanced Presentation Skills for Financial Services Professionals
  • Advanced Selling Skills for Financial Services Professionals
  • Business Development Masterclass For Private Banking and Wealth Management
  • Client Care and Cross Selling for Lawyers
  • Effective Business Writing for Corporate Finance
  • Leadership Skills
  • Negotiation Skills Masterclass
  • Negotiation Skills for Lawyers
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Presentation Skills Workshop
  • Problem Solving & Creative Thinking
  • Report Writing
  • The Art & Skill of Persuasion
  • Time Management Skills for Finance Professionals

Our Soft Skills courses are presented on publicly scheduled dates (shown above) or if you have a group of participants it can be cost effective for the course to be presented exclusively for your company on a date of your choosing

Each public  course is presented via live interactive webinar – Zoom – a platform purposely designed to facilitate an interactive and engaging learning experience which rivals that of a classroom. Participants will have live access to the trainers and the opportunity for live Q&A. Our trainers can also make use of a range of learning tools built into Zoom, including virtual whiteboards, live annotations and breakout rooms.

If you would like to find out more about either option please call us on +44 (0)20 7387 4484 or, please fill out our contact form and we will contact you straightaway.

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